3 Quick and Easy Ways to Tackle Overwhelm

Last Thursday my head was spinning. I had way too much stuff on my plate all with a tight deadline, and I’m also the primary caregiver to my baby.

Which means I have less than 3 hours total of mishmashed time to get it all sorted out. This was not even kind of enough time for the projects that I felt needed my attention.

Did I mention that my baby was also teething the night before and decided 4am was as good a time as any to start the day?

I was overwhelmed AND exhausted. Not the best combination for sure.

I could feel my head becoming more and more crowded and the heat of panic rising.

You know that feeling when you almost start vibrating, because it’s like all the stuff inside is trying to race out of you at once?

Yeah, that was happening.

I should tell you that overwhelm and I go waaaaay back, we have a long history together.

We used to date for years. I used to be a chronic work-aholic and I spent most of my 20’s either working two full time jobs or working full time and going to school full time.

(Somehow I still managed to party my ass off in between…)

Now that I’m a recovering work-aholic, overwhelm and I only have a quick make-out sesh before I’m done playing and onto the next thing.

I want to share with you my 3 super quick and dirty tips to get your own overwhelm under control:

1) Get back to homeostasis, asap.

One of my coach’s said to me years ago, “Overwhelm is one or two things over homeostasis.” Meaning, that if I can get one or two things off my plate quickly, I will immediately feel better. This means either delegating, finding something that can be completed quickly, or taking something(s) off the list altogether.

This is like a huge exhale and I can tell you that I instantly feel better.

2) Clear my headspace.

It is impossible to think clearly, make wise decisions, or access creativity when our minds are cluttered…and that’s exactly what overwhelm is: too many thoughts competing for our attention.

I sit quietly for a few minutes and connect to my breath. My thoughts may or may not slow down, it doesn’t matter, I still sit.

Then I lay a hand on my heart to access my inner wisdom and listen as though I’m waiting to hear an answer.

Sometimes I get an insight into exactly what needs to be done next. Sometimes I hear nothing at all, but almost always things have quieted down enough for me to move forward without spinning out or running around my ottoman in circles.

3) Take strategic action.

My coping mechanism for overwhelm, pressure, and stress is procrastination…and you can guess how effective that is…it’s the WORST!

I know that taking action is the only way to keep me from falling into that trap, and being strategic ensures that I am effective with my time.

A quick tip to know what your next best steps are, is to shift your perspective from YOU (the one in the middle of shit), to the larger you, or the “fly on the wall” (the one looking down at the shit).

This is like the old adage, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Instead of looking at the trees, expand your perspective to see the whole forest, and this will give you a better insight of what might be some great possible next steps.

I’d love to hear from you now: What are your best tips for overcoming overwhelm? Do you run around your ottoman like a crazy person too? Tell me I’m not alone here! You can comment here on the blog, or in the Soul Sisterhood Facebook Group.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and if you did, please share this with all your friends on Facebook, Tweet it out loud, and forward this to someone who could use it right now.

I want you to know that I love you and I think you are amazing. Thank you for being you!


Love and Light,


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  1. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Excellent reminder as often times when I have too many demands I want to shut down and go to sleep. I think I just let things sit and build up until it becomes unmanageable and the I stress. I am at this point so I am going to give this a try. Thanks Tina


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