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I’m coming out of the mental health closet.

Hi Gorgeous, We need to talk. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you may have noticed some changes going on around here.  Yes, I got some new pictures done and am in the process of rebranding, but maybe you also noticed something else? I’ve been talking an awful lot about stress and […]

How to stop overthinking…everything.

When I first started my coaching business over a decade ago, I spent hours and hours feverishly writing and creating systems for my non-existent clients. I wrote content for pamphlets that were never printed, a website that didn’t exist, and information about coaching that never left my hard drive. I believed that I had to […]

That time I wasn’t very nice, and how to sleep better.

Not long after my son Magnus was born started experiencing symptoms of PPD. I didn’t talk about it because I felt it shouldn’t have happened to me. I mean, I’m a Life Coach for fuck’s sake, and I specialize in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY!! I should have been safe. I cried A LOT. I’d burst into sobbing […]

Easy Button Anybody?

It’s been a while. As some of you already know, I am juggling my business and teaching yoga with being the primary caregiver to my almost one-year-old baby (can somebody tell me where the hell time has gone?). Which means I get to prioritize what I do with the little bits of time I have […]

The Truth Will Set You Free

I have been thinking a lot about transformation lately. What it really takes to change our lives and become who we most want to be, and really, who we are meant to be. This is the best part of ourselves that when it is realized is happy, peaceful, creative, and capable of changing the energy […]