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Why your goals don’t make you happy.

I pretty lucky that I tend to attract incredible women, and you are one of them if you are reading this. You are probably the type of woman who knows that your happiness and wellbeing are up to you. You want more positivity and love in the world, and you know it starts from within. […]

Can you have balance and a baby?

This morning I have started and stopped roughly four different blog posts and none of them are speaking to me. They start off like a good idea, and then, well they don’t. I’m just not feeling any of them today. So I’m going to tell you about Magnus the Magnificent, my beautiful 3-month old baby. […]

The big lie that holds us back

I know my biggest challenge has been with procrastination. I would have a light bulb moment, and then…you guessed it: wait. You might call this “someday mentality.” It might be that I’m inspired to call someone and tell them I love them. I might have an idea for a program I want to create. Or […]