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The big lie that holds us back

I know my biggest challenge has been with procrastination. I would have a light bulb moment, and then…you guessed it: wait. You might call this “someday mentality.” It might be that I’m inspired to call someone and tell them I love them. I might have an idea for a program I want to create. Or […]

When should you listen to fear?

I was at a yoga workshop led by the fabulous Ryan Leier a few years ago and he said something that has stuck with me ever since. “There’s the fear that keeps you alive, and the fear that keeps you from living.” Whoa, mind blown. Fear is totally healthy. We should be afraid of things […]

Click here to find your true purpose.

Hi Gorgeous, So, did you bite? Do you want to find out your one TRUE purpose in life? If you’re anything like I was, you might be desperately trying to find the RIGHT thing. The perfect job, the perfect path, the perfect cause that would be your life’s purpose. That thing that you are meant […]