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What’s it all for?

If you are anything like me, you can get really focused on “doing” by putting your head down and pushing forward. I’ll get something in my head, and push towards it at all costs focusing solely on getting it completed. And yes, sigh, I teach yoga and meditation, and should be “in the moment.” I’m […]

How to get unstuck now.

Hello gorgeous, If you aren’t from Saskatchewan, or have never visited, you should know that we have incredible summers, and the week ahead is no exception. We have consistently perfect blue bird days around 30 degrees. That’s why so many of us have a lake to go to, or a family cabin, to beat the […]

I’m exposing myself to you

Hello Gorgeous, I hope you had a beautiful sunny weekend! My parents came for a visit and we did the tour of Regina and had a great time together. Most importantly though, our dog behaved with them. A 15 month old lab is a handful, and he was really sweet, calm, and loving which made […]

What’s your REAL dream life?

Hi Gorgeous, What’s your dream life? If you are planning on hiring a coach (or mentor for that matter), it’s recommended that you hire someone who’s already at where you want to be. Everyone (at least in my coaching world) talk about 2 things that they are constantly trying to sell you: Your dream life. […]