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a pact we should make

Hello Gorgeous, I’ve been thinking about you A LOT, and I have an idea… I want to make a pact with you. Yeah, yeah, you’re probably want to know what it is first, right? What if today could be the day that you don’t beat yourself up for all the things you didn’t get around […]

the blame game

Hi Gorgeous, Earlier last month I wrote a post on taking a stand and I want to share with you what happened while I took my own stand. The past 6 months I have spent a LOT of time at a desk. Far more than I have ever spent in my whole life, and it […]

who are you?

Hi Gorgeous, I’m inspired to write to you today from a quote I had been reading to my classes last week:  “We live in illusion and the appearance of things. When we understand this, we see that we are nothing. And being nothing, we are everything. That is all.”– Kalu Rinpoche What illusion, you might […]

go ahead, take a stand

Hi Gorgeous, I made a huge mistake last week. I put on jeans. Jeans do not lie about the 5 extra pounds I put on over the holidays, unlike my stretchy Lululemon pants which will happily keep lying (and stretching) for probably another 15 if I’m lucky. There’s a quote I heard from Tony Robbins […]

what to do with doubters

My biggest regret of my 20’s was that I didn’t have enough confidence to pursue what I really wanted until I was in my 30’s. When I was 25, I knew I wanted to be a Coach. I didn’t know what that could look like but I knew that’s what I wanted to do. When I lived […]

how to be a light bearer

Hello gorgeous, One day while I was still in my serving days in Calgary, I was walking to work along 17th Avenue on a gorgeous summer day. It was late afternoon and the sun was hot as I was sweating and smiling, swept along the sea of busyness on the sidewalk. This was one of […]