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December is upon us (how did that happen so fast?), and we are embarking on one of the craziest, most stressful times of year.

The pressure of holiday commitments, shopping, baking and cooking, and family, can start to feel like just way too much in such a short period of time.

This is also a time where we can feel not only emotionally spent and frazzled, but financially. It’s easy to notice everything you don’t have, or can’t afford, when everyone wants your money.

Our family gave up gift giving a long time ago. It’s just too hard to buy for people when you don’t know what they would want, or need, and invariably we would all just end up with more “stuff.” I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want more stuff!

So for us, Christmas has been about getting together, eating lots of mom’s yummy baking, and catching up.

Because I love you, here’s to get my best tips for managing the holidays:

1) Set limits on spending

Before you start your Christmas shop, decide before you shop how much you will spend, and stick to it. Better yet, make your gifts if you have the time!  It’s so easy to go over budget without a plan, and it can lead to the yucky Christmas hangover in January when the credit card bill comes in.

2) Create personal boundaries

Family can be wonderful and exhausting. If you know you can only handle a certain amount of time before your limit is up: make a plan. Decide how long you will be with them, plan for solo outings, and monitor your stress level for everyone’s well-being. It’s better to take a little break than to have a blow out or leave totally depleted. Sometimes smaller doses makes the holidays merrier!

3) Spend a few minutes everyday in silence

Getting quiet is one of the best way to sooth a frazzled mind. Even just 5 minutes is enough to calm your mind, get focused, and reset.

4) Sadness during the holidays

Christmas cannot only be stressful, but for many people it can also be a very sad time of year. For those of us who have lost someone, or something dear, Christmas can bring raw feelings to the surface. If this is you, make time to be extra kind and gentle with yourself, and create some time to honor your feelings and that which has been lost. In Finland, we have a tradition or going to the cemetery Christmas Eve before we start the celebrations as a way of remembering those we love and carrying their spirit with us during the holiday season.

5) Gratitude

Of course I’m going to slip this one in! Because Christmas has become so commercialized it can be easy to focus on getting, buying, and spending: a focus on what we don’t already have. True happiness and wealth comes from being grateful and wanting what’s already here. Spend a few minutes every day counting your many blessings and you will start to feel the wealth and abundance of your life.

6) Spread love

Let the holidays be about spreading your love and light. Be kind. Find ways to help others, and have others join you in it! Give freely (and I don’t mean stuff), give your: attention, your smiles, your warmth, your compassion, we all need it this time of year.

I have some incredible events happening that I want you to get in on:

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The Soul Strategy Sessions – Tuesday January 6 to February 14th 2015, 5:30 -7pm.

I’d love you to share your best tips for managing the holiday season below:

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Thank you for being the light that you are. Keep shining!

Love and Light,

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