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About motherhood, self-maintenance (aka self-care), plus tools to cultivate a calm, connect with your Self, so that you can show up as the mom and woman you most want to be.

Hey, Magnus’s turned away from me at bedtime when I felt his body shudder with sobs. “You’re sad, aren’t you luv?” I say to him. He turned to face me, his face crumpling as his eyes welled up. “Yes, I miss Colby so much,” he says through sobs. Yesterday we experienced...

Tools for hard times

This morning I set my Contigo down on the bench in the coat room. I leaned over to grab my phone before heading out the door to teach a yoga class and as I picked it up it flashed todays news headlines. I yelled at it, “You! Shut the f*ck up!” I already read my daily...

The best advice I ever got (and why it works)

I called my bestie sobbing, "I don't know what to do!" I was overwhelmed and feeling hopeless and trapped. (This could have been any of the 1000 times I call her, I can't even tell you for what anymore.) She quietly listened and then said firmly and gently, "You don't...

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