Stressors are inevitable, suffering from stress & anxiety is not.

The Fearless Course

With Tina Hnatiuk

The fastest and easiest way to lower stress and anxiety while boosting happiness, resilience, and coping skills in under 20 minutes a day.

get calm. get present. get happy.

Hands down one of the best courses that I have ever taken, and I would highly recommend it not only for anyone who is struggling with anxiety and depression but leaders of any type.

One of the questions that I always try to ask myself after taking any type of training is what did I learn and will I actually do anything differently know that I have this newly acquired knowledge?  This is one of those courses that I can definitely say will change my life and the way that approach challenges and opportunities for the better.  I feel like I can now be more empathetic and let go of the perfectionism issues that I harbor.  In addition, you have given us the tools to be able to change our mindset and look at any type of situation in a more positive light which is something that I have personally been struggling with recently.

-Randell Danderfer,CPA, CGA, ACUIC
Manager, Corporate Finance, Cornerstone Credit Union

Why the Fearless Course…

The Fearless Course supports business leaders in their understanding on how and why resilience training supports mental health. Mental-health issues left unchecked can influence the frequency, intensity and duration of performance and well-being.

An organizations success is dependent on what employees think and then do – in that order. Mental health is the top reason for workers to be on short-term disability leave, and the cost of chronic illnesses is also rising.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada states that about 30 per cent of short- and long-term disability claims in the country are attributed to mental health problems and illnesses. The overall economic burden caused by mental illness in Canada totals about $50-billion each year and $20-billion of that stems from work-place losses (and these numbers are pre-pandemic).

A growing body of international evidence demonstrates that promotion, prevention, and early intervention initiatives show positive returns on investment.

Fearless Course Results

The Fearless Course does surveys to learn more about the impact our participants are having, how our courses have affected them, and how to serve them better. Pre and post surveys are done each time to test for significant improvements on validated measures. Below is a summary from these two types of surveys from participants who completed the Fearless Course.





Reduced anxiety by at least 20 – 40%

Lowered intensity of stress and anxiety.

Reduced occurrences of stress and anxiety.

More resilient and feel more in control.





Sleep better to reduce stress and anxiety further

Are more relaxed and calmer.

Are each more positive, hopeful, and happier.

Recommend the course.

Imagine being able to…


  • Self-regulate like a boss so that you can handle even the most difficult days.
  • Rewire your brain for happiness and calm just by sitting and listening to an audio for 5 minutes a day.
  • Find self-compassion and grace when things are really hard.
  • Find the “other” voice inside of you that is kinder and more compassionate than its roommate the inner critic.
  • Cope with big uncomfortable emotions  like stress and anxiety with confidence and ease.
  • Wake up feeling hopeful instead of with a pit of dread before the day even starts.
  • Stop spinning out and overthinking every little thing and learn how to finally let it go and move on.  
  • Fall asleep and STAY asleep without running the whole day and your To-Do list on a running loop. 
  • Have an entire toolkit of easy resources to complete the stress cycle so it doesn’t snowball into dangerous chronic stress. 
  • Increase your confidence to live and contribute more courageously.

“Wowza! You can handle anything!”

Is what your peers will say to you when they see how calm, together, and confident you are. Even if you’ve struggled with meditation before you’ll be amazed at how quickly anxiety and yourself transform in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Here’s the live group coaching style course…

…That’ll have you feeling like the best mom in the world for your kids and for yourself.

(Just by a joining in 6 weekly live sessions and investing 20 minutes a day on yourself.)

In this easy-to-digest course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Self-regulate your nervous system
  • Use simple grounding techniques to stop spinning out
  • Cope with difficult emotions like anxiety and rage
  • Listen for the “other” kinder voice inside of you
  • Learn how to complete the stress cycle
  • Get a toolbox of ways to stop anxiety in it’s tracks
  • Not believe everything you think
  • Learn the anatomy of fear and how to work with it
  • Calm your nervous system with your breathing
  • Gain a greater self-awareness to reveal your deeper motivations
  • Meditate without ever needing to stop your thoughts
  • Not take your thoughts so personally
  • Skyrocket your self-confidence
  • Finally stop people pleasing and overextending yourself
  • Understand how the stress response over time creates chronic illness and how to stop it
  • Create a daily meditation habit to rewire your brain for calm and happiness
  • Breathe Mindfully to calm your body

Feeling more calm, capable, confident and hopeful.

“Tina creates such a safe space for participants through her warm, open, direct and down-to-earth approach.  She has an incredible knowledge base regarding the topics shared (which is grounded in up-to-date research). She makes this content very relatable and easy to understand by sharing her own personal experiences and wisdom in a real, honest and vulnerable way. Tina has gone and dug through piles and piles of information, bringing back the golden nuggets to share with all of her participants. Tina’s course is well integrated, as she offers so many tools and practical ways to apply the wealth of knowledge that she shares. She offers a beautiful balance between theory and application, in-class activities with homework, and objective science mixed with personal narratives. This course feels solid yet has a great flow. Beyond the content, Tina facilitates an incredible connection between participants, through her engaging style which promotes discussion and interaction; namely, knowing you are not alone. The abundance of resources and support that Tina offers throughout Fearless leaves one feeling incredibly empowered to make big changes and to take responsibility for their own well-being. Thank you, Tina, for being a breath of fresh air, for bringing clarity and inspiration into my life, and for leaving me feeling more calm, capable, confident and hopeful. I’ve gained so many insights to use both personally and professionally.”

– Kellsey Calhoon, M. Ed., Registered Psychologist

A peek inside:

Soak up “aha” inducing, stories and lessons from all of these topics.

  • The nervous system and your breath
  • What neuroscience says about meditation
  • The benefits you can expect long term and short term
  • Mindfulness as Mental Hygiene
  • How to separate your experience from the “story” about the experience, and why it’s critical for our peace
  • How emotions are like a tunnel and how to go all the way through
  • Learn what is stress and anxiety and why it happens.
  • Pinpoint the specific causes of stress in your life.
  • Learn the basics of breath meditation the foundation of Mindfulness Meditation.
  • The mind-body-breath connection and how to use it to calm your nervous system down quickly.
  • How to use Positive Psychology to start training your brain to becoming happier and more positive in under 10 minutes a day.
  • Discover how your core values increase meaning, purpose, and happiness.
  • Learn the 3 Confidence Killers and the only way to increase confidence.
  • Understand the true cost of perfectionism and what to do instead
  • Learn the 4 most important tools to make habits stick.
  • Why emotions are dulled with trauma
  • What are “frozen” emotions and how they impact us
  • The exact process of how to work with emotions even the big ones!
  • Do you actually need to stop thinking in meditation?
  • What is the inner critic and how to respond to it
  • Why we don’t see things as they “really” are
  • The true cause of our suffering as humans
  • Finding the “positive” intention behind your anxiety
  • Learn about the anatomy of fear and simple tools to overcome it so it no longer has a say.
  • How to work with difficult emotions while staying calm and relaxed.
  • Learn the positive intentions behind your anxiety.
  • The secret safety net that increases resilience, confidence, and happiness.
  • Develop tools to stop overthinking, ruminating, and second guessing yourself.
  • Gain a better understanding of the mind and positive psychology hacks to rewire it for happiness.
  • Harness the power of cognitive distortions to challenge unskillful beliefs in the moment.
  • Learn simple ways get to sleep faster and get back to sleep when your mind is racing.
  • Never overthink decisions again.

For the first time in years I feel hopeful.

When the company I work with brought forth the possibility of taking a well-being course, “dealing with stress and anxiety” I was hopeful, but still skeptical. I have dealt with anxiety, depression and perfectionism for so many years, read a ton of self-help books, talked to counsellors only to come out feeling more confused, hopeless and just a sense of “I guess that’s how life is going to be for me, I will just have to live like this.” Fast forward six weeks to today, for the first time in years I feel hopeful again that things will change, I now have plain simple, honest information and tools to use. Not complex homework and the feelings of defeat before I start, like I did with other counselling. The tools and information that Tina provides are so simple and easy to use and her open and honest communication draws you to her as she is truly a “Real” person. She does not live behind a mask; she has lived through what she talks about and has come out the other side! Truly an inspiration for me!! I now have renewed hope. 

– Brenda Nelson

What’s in it? You get…


(The fastest and easiest way to lower stress and anxiety while boosting happiness, resilience, and coping skills in under 20 minutes a day.)

– It’s the evidence based easy to implement group coaching course that fits into your busy life. Join live every week for 90 minutes, then do the simple corresponding 20 minute homework everyday for 6 weeks…and VOILA! You will feel like a new you, or maybe more like yourself again. Either way, you will feel calmer, more present, and able to handle the most stressful days while feeling steady in yourself.


  • Accountability Teams to get support  and cheer each other on while helping each other commit to daily practice and because we all know how hard it is to be accountable to ourselves alone.
  • Corresponding 5 and 10 minute audio Meditations each week, corresponding to the module’s topic so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.
  • Six, live 90 minutes classes – through Zoom or in person if located in Grand Forks – which includes: Mindfulness meditation, new interventions, and discussion.
  • A recording of each session to review at your own time.
  • Action sheets to guide you through the class and stay accountable to your goals.
  • Private FB group for regular contact with Tina and other participants for support, accountability, and inspiration.
  • Bonus sleep meditation to help you fall asleep and get back to sleep when it’s interrupted.

Thank you so much for so many things, too many to name, that I’ve learned in this course that I feel are going to help me each day to feel better. – Katie Goulet

PLUS: Get me!

Get live weekly coaching and Q&A’s for the entire 6 weeks with yours truly!

Here’s what Chelsea has to say about them:

“I loved the group discussions each week. There was a lot to be taken away from the experiences others were having; questions they were asking; and vulnerability that they shared. The conversations always took the lesson a little deeper and it was always wonderful to have people on a similar journey.”

Trust me when I say they are GOLD and everyone loved this part. 

Learn how to calm your mind…

…and feel like yourself again.

The my quality of life has changed

Most of all my life I have never been ok with my surroundings, my relationships, my self-esteem and I am finding now that I can be OK with everything in my environment. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel this all the time but before this course I have NEVER felt ok.

I have also developed how to love myself just the way I am. I praise myself more, talk nice to myself more.  Ever since I had my children I have struggled with anxiety, panic, depression and I now know this is just moment of time. It’s something I am going through and something I will work through and can experience in a healthy way.  I am able now to really focus on the healthy things I want in my life and the bad things that I don’t want.  I deserve a happy fulfilled joyful life and I hope everyone else can get to the point where they feel the same

– Ashley McGraw, Operations Analyst, Innovation Credit Union

I’m the type of person that believes things in life happen for a reason. Meeting you has changed my life.

I asked my husband tonight if he has seen a change in me in the last 4 weeks. His response: huge difference you are more happy, and more calm. You aren’t as worried about things. You are more self aware. A huge change.

Julie Beleshinski

Financial Services Manager, Connexus Credit Union

I have had a few panic attacks in the last couple of years, I couldn’t get out of bed, I just cried my eyes out all day for no reason, and panicked and screamed and it was not pretty, trust me! The things from each week have let me see my life in a completely different way!

When I have a task to complete that I don’t know the outcome, I just do it, because really?! What’s the worst that’s going to happen!!?? Nothing can be THAT bad!

Also learning  the arrows technique…. One thing happens and then I’m in control of what happens next…. I’ve just stopped that completely because yes, I can be quite dramatic, but now I am so mindful of what’s going on, I need to just let it happen and leave it (or try my best to in every situation at least!!) 

Now obviously things don’t just wash away and things are still going to happen but I think my biggest take away from all this was to let them happen and be mindful of what it really is, if it matters it matters, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. 

Erin Rogowski

InnContact Centre Rep, Innovation Credit Union

Tina Hnatiuk is the most real person I have ever listened to. She has lived it so she knows exactly what she’s talking about. She says it exactly the way it is and by doing so she makes a person instantly feel connected to her. It was very easy to understand everything she talked about and all of the tools she gave us were easy to implement into our lives.

Charlotte Washbrook

Innovation Credit Union

This was more than simply a “course.”

It was a little community Tina created that made it a welcoming place to share and learn with other women dealing with anxiety. I came away with a more positive perspective about my anxiety as well as tools that have empowered me to help myself, and to be more compassionate with myself rather than just frustrated. Tina’s knowledge and personal experience, combined with her passion for this subject and ability to ask the right questions made “Fearless” a wonderful experience.

Nicole Starker Campbell

Yoga Teacher and Writer

I have noticed my quality of life has changed.

I notice more of the small things that I did not appreciate that I appreciate more now. Such as being able to communicate with my family, with myself, watching the kids walk into the school in the mornings, seeing their little smiles when something so small makes them happy.

I have to think real deep with doing my gratitude’s and most days I find this very difficult but something I strive for each day, makes my mind really work and really go into detail about the things that create my happiness.  I have noticed my days are not so drawn out anymore, I am able to enjoy life a little bit more than before.

My worry journal is awesome whenever I have thoughts or issues that I need to just let go of I write them down and boom I know they are safe in that book and I let them go for the time being.

Ashley McGraw

Operations Analyst, Innovation Credit Union

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you exist, and your program.

I feel like you add such a personal touch to it, and that is a major reason why all of us have had such a great experience so far.

Majority of my anxiety and stress stems from my work environment, and with the help of your program I’ve noticed small things throughout the day. Normally I would start to get anxious within half an hour of being at work after making my to do list for the day, not the best way to start the day. Now I’ve noticed that I’m more mindful of when I start to spin out, and I’m able to talk myself into just focusing on one task at a time. I’ve found that there are a lot of times during this program that I’ve quite literally had my mind blown,

Katie Goulet

Relationship Manager ICC, Innovation Credit Union, Innovation Credit Union

It was serendipity the day I was introduced to Tina! 

I was having a bad day struggling with anxiety.  One thing led to another and I was able to offer this program out to our whole organization. 

Going through the program was so beneficial for me.  So many good learnings I have been able to put into practice.  I have learned how to help reduce my anxiety and stress and feel I am in a much better place emotionally due to going through the Fearless program. 

Catherine Sykes

PD Specialist, Innovation Credit Union

For the first time in a long time I haven’t really felt lost.

This year was a year I decided I needed to work on myself to stop being afraid. I worry a lot about my life having meaning and if I’m going to regret my decisions in life. If I’m going to die unhappy, unfulfilled, feeling like a lost stray animal. The lessons you’ve taught us have really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, and for the first time in a long time I haven’t really felt lost.

Other things that I’ve noticed, is the fact that I’m just a little more calm, its a crazy feeling because usually when I’m calm- is when I’m sleeping! So, to be fully awake, and feeling more in control, for lack of better wording is quite an alien feeling.

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you exist, and your program. I feel like you add such a personal touch to it, and that is a major reason why all of us have had such a great experience.

– Katie Goulet, Relationship Manager ICC, Innovation Credit Union

Warning to your brain: it’s about to feel SO much calmer!

Devour my best Mindfulness secrets to:

Live aligned with your true Self instead of the roles you play

Develop a kinder more compassionate inner voice


Calm a trigger before you react

See the magic in everyday ordinariness to experience more joy


Regulate your nervous system quickly

Gain control of anxiety instead of it controlling you


Skyrocket your self-confidence to live more fully


Stop spinning out before you whip yourself into a frenzy

Handle big uncomfortable feelings without a glass of merlot, a bag of Fritos, or a binge of Inventing Anna

“What if my mind never stops?” 

And other FAQ’s

Wait, is this a meditation course or an anxiety course?

The short answer is that it’s an anxiety reducing course. BUT so much of our anxiety depends on our current state (feeling triggered, reactive, stressed, or calm and open). Mindfulness is heavily researched and teaches us how to observe our state without creating a story about it. This creates space so that we aren’t consumed by difficult emotions like anxiety, so we can have freedom and agency even while we are experiencing them. 

I’ve tried meditation before, and my mind won’t stop. Will this work for me?

One of the things that makes Mindfulness different than other types of meditation is that there are no distractions. The distractions, like a bus mind, just become a part of the meditation. In Mindfulness there is no place to get to, your mind never needs to stop, and you don’t ever have to feel “blissed out” for it to be working. It’s a very forgiving meditation that has tonnes of well documented benefits.

I’ve heard lot’s about Mindfulness, but what is it that makes it better than other meditations anyways?

There are many types of meditation, all with great benefits. What makes Mindfulness special is that everything is included in the meditation: your breath, the sensations in your body, emotions that arise, even your thoughts. You open to everything exactly as it is, and this increases our self-awareness, compassion, tolerance, resilience, lowers stress and anxiety, helps us sleep better, and so many others! The best part is that there is over 30 years of research proving that it is extremely effective in small doses – making it perfect for busy moms who need results fast!

I know this course would be good for me, but I really struggle with doing anything consistently because I’m so busy.

Phew! Me too! That’s why everything in the Fearless Course is simple and short. The lessons are done live together for added accountability, and the homework is only 20 minutes which is short enough to fit into your daily life while still giving you all the benefits.

Do I have to do it every week? And why do I have to do homework every day?

Like anything, the benefits and transfomation come from regular practice. This course is designed for you to take one week at a time and do a small amount of work daily before starting the next lesson. This gives you time to absorb and implement each week before layering more information onto it. It’s kind of like if you were putting together a puzzle with no edge pieces. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s way harder. We all need a framework to build upon to be successful.

Okay, okay, what’s all the hype about Mindfulness Meditation anyways? What benefits will I see?

I’m so glad you asked! These are just some of the benefits cited by the American Psychological Association: reduced rumination, stress reduction, boosts working memory, increased focus, less emotional reactivity, cognitive flexibility, increased resilience by becoming more adaptive to negative or stressful situations and faster recovery, improved relationship satisfaction by increased ability to respond well to relational stress and skill in communicating emotions, protects against emotionally stressful effects of conflict, enhances self-awareness, morality, intuition, fear modulation, increased immune function, reduction in psychological stress, increased information processing speed, decrease in task effort, decrease in thoughts unrelated to task at hand, empathy, compassion, decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression, and better quality of life by increasing emotional intelligence and social connectedness. Not bad for 5 minutes a day, hey?

Do you talk about the what happens physiologically in the body?

YES! And I talk a LOT about it because knowledge is power. When you understand exactly what’s happening inside of you then you can take steps to change it. 

We can’t change what we don’t see or understand. Also, it’s fascinating stuff. 

This seems like a lot of money for a anxiety course when I can learn for free on YouTube.

You’re right. You absolutely can learn techniques to reduce anxiety for free many places, not just on YouTube. However, the Fearless Course is not just an anxiety course. It is a community of women just like you who want to bridge the gap between the woman they want to be and the one they are currently struggling with. This course will give you the tools to not only help you reduce anxiety and stress, but also skyrocket your confidence, be kinder and more compassionate to yourself, and finally stop feeling limited and controlled by fear but also help you get there through live coaching sessions and accountability through other amazing women so that you actually see anxiety and yourself transform in only a few weeks.

 Learn from someone who’s been meditating for almost 20 years, is a mom, and has made it to the other side of PPA, PPD, PTSD and panic attacks (I had all the P’s!) in under 20 minutes a day!

Hi, I’m Tina Hnatiuk – creator of The Fearless Course

I’m also a Life Coach and renowned yoga and meditation teacher with over 15 years of experience working with thousands of overwhelmed, stressed professionals.

My superpower is helping them go from feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and worrying about all the things to feeling calm, clear headed, and happy with simple easy to implement tools.

What makes me exceptional at guiding participants through The Fearless Course, is because I’ve been there too. I’m on the other side of panic attacks, PTSD, PPD, and PPA and know exactly what works not just from research, but from my personal experience.

They work even when I have a million things on my plate, a crazy schedule, and no time.

Not to mention, it will be for you too. You’ll see.

Ready to get started? 

Click the button below to apply and we’ll set up a time to connect.