Mindfulness Course

A 6-Week Mindfulness Course With Tina Hnatiuk

6 week Mindfulness Meditation class to relieve stress, calm your busy mind, and boost happiness without having to stop your thoughts or meditate for an hour.

Packed full of highly practical, easy to apply tools, tips, and techniques, you will learn everything you need to know to establish a Mindfulness practice AND stick with it.

This is for you if…

  • You want to finally get into a meditation routine that you can actually commit to.
  • Managing your stress and anxiety like a boss would be amazing!
  • You want to become more present in your life, and with those you love.
  • You love the idea of learning how to meditate WITHOUT ever having to stop your thoughts.
  • You would love to learn a simple way how to meditate and make it a part of your life.
  • You know you want someone to teach you with experience who can break it down, and give you tips and tricks without the struggle.
  • You like learning in group settings from a real person!
  • You’re ready to start feeling calmer and happier without going shopping, having a glass of wine, or if you’re like me…crushing a bag of Smart Pop while binging on Yellowstone.

What is mindfulness meditation anyways?


Mindfulness is a specific type of meditation which teaches you to be unconditionally present in the moment. Some meditations focus on a specific point of concentration such as the breath or mantras, mindfulness is a more open attention which includes everything in the moment: your breath, body, and yes, even your thoughts. It is also a recommended evidence-based tool for reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD with over 30 years of research behind it.

What’s included

Mindfulness Course

One-Time Payment of


6 live classes

  • Weekly 60-minute classes starting Tuesday March 12th to April 16th at Little Way Wellness

Each class includes:

Teaching Sesh + Q&A

Each week builds on each other to deepen your practice.

  • Week 1 Breath – Gateway to the nervous system.
  • Week 2 Body – Building resilience.
  • Week 3 Emotions – Completing the cycle of emotions and self-regulation.
  • Week 4 Thoughts – Thoughting vs Thinking
  • Week 5 Attitude – The basic operating system that defines your life.
  • Week 6  Application – Making Mindfuless a part of your daily life.

Guided Meditation

The course builds on itself to help you deepen your understanding and Mindfulness muscle.

As each topic is added you’ll learn how to apply it through guided meditation.

    Tips & Tools to Meditate Daily

    As a Life Coach, I’ll teach you essential tips and tools to create and maintain positive habits like a daily meditation practice.

    You’ll learn why habits are so hard to make and breatk and the latest research on how to be successful at them.

    Mindfulness Pod

    If maintaining positive habits were easy we’d all be fit and healthy, am I right? This is why tips and tools are important, but support and accountability are essential to success and follow through.

    You’ll be placed in a “pod” to support, cheer each other on, and hold each other accountable. Even if you cringe at this at first, I promise you this will be your favourite part!

    But Wait! You also get…

    Group Support

    One of the hardest parts about starting a new habit is of course sticking with it. You’ll be added to a “pod” to check in with each other daily, supporting each other in reaching your meditation goals.

    Audio Meditations

    Each week you’ll get TWO new meditations that correspond to the week’s topic. You’ll recieve both a 5 & 10 minute meditation to make it easy to fit into your day.

    Live Recordings

    Life is busy and it can be hard to commit to doing anything for 6 weeks. Each class is in person AND will be recorded live as well through Zoom so you can join us from anywhere or review later at your own time.

    Who Am I?

    Hi, I’m Tina Hnatiuk – creator of this Mindfulness Class

    I’m also the founder of The Soul Strategy Sessions, The Fearless Course, and Quick Bliss Yoga, and – brag alert – source of the best meditations around. How do I know? People tell me so!

    My meditations have over 30k downloads and a 97% approval rating on Insight Timer (the largest free meditation app in the world).

    For 20 years, Mindfulness Meditation has been my secret to conscious parenting, self-regulation when I’m feeling anxious, and becoming more patient, present, calm so I can be an amazing mom, wife, and human.

    Even when I have a million things on my plate, a crazy schedule, and no time.

    Not to mention, it will be for you too. You’ll see.

    Tina’s mindfulness class was instrumental in my ability to manage anxiety, stay present, and grounded in the final weeks leading up to my dissertation defence. The video and audio recordings were focused and helpful, and the homework was perfect to stay engaged. Tina is extremely relatable, down to earth, honest, and practical. She has a “say it how it is, no B.S.” attitude that I love. I met Tina years ago in Calgary and loved her yoga classes, and I was delighted that I could still benefit from her wisdom, passion, and skill, even after moving across the country! Thank you so much Tina! I am blessed to continue to grow with your help!

    Tanya Mudry

    PhD, Counselling Psychology

    I highly recommend taking this Mindful Mediation class from Tina. She is a very down to earth woman who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her teaching. She has a great energy about her! Personally, I have felt a big shift in myself since taking the Mindfulness Meditation class.

    Pam Coons

    Registered Nurse

    This improved my life because having a supportive group of people to encourage regular practice every day for 6 weeks has helped mindfulness become a habit in my life. I think of being mindful more often, which leads to more focused awareness in my life. And during busy times instead of feeling flustered, I am able to step back, breath, and start tasks in a more calm, focused manner.  


    Mom of 2

    I know that this course started working right away. I am more mindful of what I am doing during the day. I think I have become a much better person. I’m not so quick to get angry at people and life situations or so easily stressed. I’ve learned how to be more grateful for my life and relationships with others and become less attached to “things” as they will not matter in the end.


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You walked into my life at the right moment when I was ready and open to accept this beautiful gift you have given me. I am able to create space and step back and look at a situation before reacting. I can look at the situation without all the judgements and criticisms and proceed from there. It has given me a safe place to let go and to also forgive myself. I am now not focusing on the past and berating myself for my mistakes and I am not spending so much time worrying about the future and really just taking notice of the present and really starting to see joy everyday again.


    I loved having the permission to slow down and take things in, learning about the awareness of self, the world around me and the ego. One of the most impactful lessons was the reminder to slow down and appreciate seemingly simple things and the beauty they hold.

    GF Local

    Tina’s voice is so soothing. She makes everyday feel special with her gentle words. Tina makes it easy to look forward to some quiet meditative moments every day!

    Kathy Rodger


    You can do just a 5-minute meditation, which I love when I have a busy day & just want to get it started in the best way possible!  I am a busy mom, with 2 young kids, and I work full time at my own business… trust me when I say it’s hard to find time some days… but if I can even squeeze in a 5 minute meditation in the a.m. before I have my morning tea; or in the evening right after I brush my teeth and wash my face… it helps me to settle down my mind, and my restless body, and find the calm.  Then right after that I get to be grateful that I took even a couple minutes just for me.


    Business Owner

    I loved learning more about meditation with Tina. Her ability to assist me to visualize and feel is amazing. After each meditation I would feel like I’d have maximum clarity in my mind, I felt calmer and was able to tackle even the most daunting tasks. I would strongly recommend taking anything Tina has to offer, she has a very special way of getting through to people.

    Allison Gartner

    Administrator and Yoga Instructor

    WOW! I loved the AHA moments. I really loved and appreciated the insights and takeaways from the group. We had a great group! Tina was great! She provided a safe inclusive environment. Also knew her stuff:) and provided just the right amount of “stories” to facilitate understanding. She made it easy to relate. Now, I am more tolerant, aware of my thoughts and emotions, practicing gratirude, less judgemental of myself and others. I remember to Just BE, and mostly to how to let go.


    I was often feeling overwhelmed and struggled not to let anger and frustration rule my life. A few weeks after practicing my daily meditation, I noticed a reduction in my feelings of overwhelm and instead felt more peace. I loved that I could see a significant improvement with just 5 minutes of daily meditation! I am much more aware of my emotions, and my families. Now I can work towards taking a step back and assessing the situation, rather than reacting in the heat of the moment. My whole family is benefitting in so many ways!


    Mom of 2

    Learning how to watch my feelings ABOUT my thoughts and feelings gave more space for what’s going on in there. This changed my ability to be present in a profound way. My life has more ease and peace. It was amazing! Thank you.

    Pam English

    Curious How Mindfulness Might Help You?

    Here’s the empirically supported benefits from the American Psychological Association:

    • Increases happiness
    • Lowers stress (and cortisol levels)
    • We get to know our true selves
    • Improvements in working memory
    • Improves how we handle and recover from stress
    • Can change the brain in a protective way against mental illness
    • Better control over process pain and emotions
    • Helps us when we’re not even practicing it (amygdala is changed, region response to emotional stimuli)
    • Body awareness, self awareness, regulation of emotion and regulation of attention
    • Less judgemental, more self aware, and better listeners
    • Makes us better people: more compassionate
    • Boosts immune function
    • Helps you sleep better

    There's A Reason Mindfulness Is So Highly Recommended

    Evidence shows you will start seeing benefits like these in under 10 minutes a day. Just wait, you’ll see.