Mindfulness For Kids

Masterclass With Tina Hnatiuk

Learn the best easy tools to cultivate Mindfulness, teach emotional regulation skills, and increase focus in your kids at the home or in classroom. 

Packed full of highly practical, easy to apply tools, and techniques, you will learn everything you need to know about how to start Mindfulness with your kids and incorporate into your family’s lives.

This is for you if…

  • You know the benefits of Mindfulness and want to help your child develop this skill.
  • You want to teach your child self-regulation skills so that they are able to cope with big difficult emotions. 
  • You know emotional intelligence is one of the greatest predictors of success and you want to give your child all the advantages you can. 
  • You’ve tried Mindful activities with your kids but aren’t sure if they are working or how to choose ones that benefit your child. 
  • You’ve seen many Mindfulness tools for kids but aren’t sure which ones work or how to implement them into your daily life. 
  • You want an easy to understand framework with simple tools that you (and your kids) will actually use.
  • You’re interested in research on emotions, Mindfulness, and self-compassion and how they can build confident, resilient, calm kids.  

What is mindfulness meditation anyways?


Mindfulness is a specific type of meditation which teaches you to be unconditionally present in the moment. Some meditations focus on a specific point of concentration such as the breath or mantras, mindfulness is a more open attention which includes everything in the moment: your breath, body, and yes, even your thoughts. It is also a recommended evidence-based tool for reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD with over 30 years of research behind it.

What’s included

Mindfulness For Kids

One-Time Payment of



  • A 2.5 hour recorded masterclass full of tools, techniques, and the latest research on emotions, regulation, and mindfulness

What you get:

  • A 2 hour recorded masterclass with a workbook to do the exercises in real time and experience how they work.
  • A workbook with worksheets to take notes and refer to after the masterclass to use with your family.
  • Lifetime access to the entire masterclass to review and watch as many times as you like.

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly IS Mindfulness, how to do it, and why it works so you can teach your kids with confidence.
  • The latest research on emotions, feelings, and states and how they relate to Mindfulness and self-regulation so that you can expertly guide your kids through big emotions.
  • The importance of self-regulation and what happens during a stress response so that you have a greater understanding what’s happening in the child and how to support them when their stress response is activated.
  • The simple framework of Mindfulness I’ve developed for kids based on the pillars of to be Seen, Heard, and Understood so that it’s easy to implement.
  • Learn the exact types of language that fosters growth mindset, resilience and relieves anxiety.
  • 7 different Mindfulness activities for kids of all ages (and even YOU!) so that you can pick and choose the activities that best suit your child.
  • The importance of self-compassion to build resilience and the latest research on the best ways to promote it.
  • 12 discussion questions for any age to teach Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness so that your child can learn how to support themselves.
  • 13 different types of breathing techniques with their specific benefits and divided by age groups so that you have a toolbox to draw from.
  • 4 Different research-based relaxation techniques to help your child cope with stress, anxiety and worry (they are also amazing for sleep!).
  • The best ways to bring these tools into your home to get the biggest benefit in the easiest ways.

    Tips & Tools to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Kids Lives

    As a Life Coach, I’ll teach you essential tips and tools to create and maintain positive habits like daily Mindfulness practices.

    You’ll learn why habits are so hard to make and break and the latest research on how your family can be successful at them.

    But Wait! You also get…


    You’ll get worksheets to take notes as you go along as well as handouts with critical points to keep.

    Extra Resources

    You’ll also get access to some of my favourite resources. 

    Who Am I?

    Hi, I’m Tina Hnatiuk – creator of  Mindfulness For Kids

    I’m also the founder of Mindfulness For Moms, The Soul Strategy Sessions, The Fearless Course, and Quick Bliss Yoga, and – brag alert – source of the best meditations around. How do I know? People tell me so!

    My meditations have over 30k downloads and a 97% approval rating on Insight Timer (the largest free meditation app in the world).

    For 20 years, Mindfulness Meditation has been my secret to conscious parenting, self-regulation when I’m feeling anxious, and becoming more patient, present, calm so I can be an amazing mom, wife, and human.

    These practices influence how I parent and have been insturmental in supporting my son to learn regulation through explosive emotions, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and even to sleep better. 

    It’s been life changing for us, not to mention, it will be for you too. You’ll see.

    Curious How Mindfulness Might Help Your Child?

    • Allows children to cope with frustration when they are faced with something difficult in their lives.
    • Helps focus their attention on something specific and not allow distractions to derail them.
    • The more kids practice being mindful, the better they get at it.
    • Research shows practicing mindfulness can improve attention spans for just about anyone—including kids with ADHD who often struggle attention.
    • Helps kids stay calm under stress, avoid getting too upset, get along better with others, and be more patient.
    • Helps kids become better listeners and feel happier.
    • Helps students learn how to pause in various situations and respond in a thoughtful way rather than reacting.
    • Helps kids learn how to manage stress, regulate their emotions, focus on the task at hand, and develop a positive outlook on life.
    • Increased focus, attention, self-control, classroom participation, compassion.
    • Improved academic performance, ability to resolve conflict, overall well-being.
    • Decreased levels of stress, depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior.

    There's A Reason Mindfulness Is Recommended For Kids

    It works. Just wait, you’ll see.