Mindfulness is your most powerful tool to become the calm confident woman and mom you envisioned yourself to be.

Here’s how you can INSTANTLY become it.


Simple and Easy Audio

Mindfulness Meditation Course

get calm. get present. get happy.

Instrumental in my ability to manage anxiety

“Tina’s mindfulness class was instrumental in my ability to manage anxiety, stay present, and grounded in the final weeks leading up to my dissertation defence. The audio recordings were focused and helpful, and the homework was perfect to stay engaged. Tina is extremely relatable, down to earth, honest, and practical. She has a “say it how it is, no B.S.” attitude that I love. ”

-Tanya Mudry,  PhD, Registered Psychologist. Assistant Professor in Counselling Psychology

Imagine being able to…


  • Self-regulate like a boss so that when you’re triggered you don’t immediately lose it.
  • Notice more moments of joy and happiness in your life “just because” and share that with your kids.
  • Rewire your brain for happiness and calm just by sitting and listening for 5 minutes a day.
  • Find self-compassion when things are really hard.
  • Do your inner work in only a few minutes a day so that you can parent more consciously the rest of the day.
  • Find the “other” voice inside of you that is kinder and more compassionate than its roommate the inner critic.
  • Handle the most triggering meltdowns with the calm presence of a Zen master.
  • Cope with big uncomfortable emotions like stress and anxiety with confidence and ease.
  • Reclaim and remember who you are outside of the roles you play for everyone else.

“You’re the best mommy ever!”

Is what you’ll be saying to yourself as you watch how patient, present, and calm you’ve become. Even if you’ve struggled with meditation before, you will see yourself transform in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Here’s the audio style Mindfulness course…

…That’ll have you feeling like the best mom in the world for your kids and for yourself. 

(Just by listening to weekly 30 minute lessons and a short daily meditation.)

In this easy-to-digest course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Self-regulate your nervous system
  • Use simple grounding techniques to stop spinning out
  • Cope with difficult emotions like anxiety and rage
  • Listen for the “other” kinder voice inside of you
  • Be conscious of the “ego” and no, it’s not THAT ego
  • Develop self-compassion so that you can model it for your kids
  • Not believe everything you think
  • Do everyday activities in a Mindful way
  • Calm your nervous system with your breathing
  • Feel more centered in your Self
  • Gain a greater self-awareness to reveal your deeper motivations
  • Meditate without ever needing to stop your thoughts
  • Not take your thoughts so personally
  • Be Mindful in everyday life
  • Co-regulate your kids and even adults around you
  • Be present on demand instead of waiting for moments of presence
  • Create a daily meditation habit
  • Breathe Mindfully to calm your body

A peek inside:

Soak up “aha” inducing, stories and lessons from all of these topics.

  • The nervous system and your breath
  • What neuroscience says about meditation
  • The benefits you can expect long term and short term
  • Mindfulness as Mental Hygiene
  • How Mindfulness improves your parenting
  • Self-talk for moms when you’re struggling
  • The real “right way” to sit in meditation
  • How long it takes to see effects of Mindfulness
  • How to separate your experience from the “story” about the experience, and why it’s critical for our peace
  • How Mindfulness is different from other forms of meditation
  • Why labeling things destroys its aliveness
  • Why emotions are dulled with trauma
  • What are “frozen” emotions and how they impact us
  • The exact process of how to work with emotions (for us and our kids), even the big ones!
  • Do you actually need to stop thinking in meditation?
  • What is the inner critic and how to respond to it
  • What is blame and why we do it
  • What is the “ego” and how it impacts your view of the world
  • Why we don’t see things as they “really” are
  • The true cause of our suffering as humans
  • What is the REAL you

I was able to tackle even the most daunting tasks

Her ability to assist me to visualize and feel is amazing. After each meditation I would feel like I’d have maximum clarity in my mind, I felt calmer and was able to tackle even the most daunting tasks. I would strongly recommend taking anything Tina has to offer, she has a very special way of getting through to people.”

-Allison Gartner, Administrator, Adair’s Demolition and Yoga Instructor at Yoga Ally

What’s in it? You get…



– It’s the short and sweet easy to listen to course that fits into your busy life. Pop in your Airpods to listen to the weekly course lessons, then listen to the corresponding 5 or 10 minute everyday for 6 weeks…and VOILA! You will feel like a new woman, or maybe more like yourself again. Either way, you will feel calmer, more present, and able to handle the dirtiest meltdown from your kiddo (or your spouse) while feeling steady in yourself.


  • Weekly super simple 5 or 10 minute audio Mindfulness Meditations that correspond to each week’s topic so you can be led in practice, instead of having to figure it out on your own. 
  • Weekly homework and journal prompts to help you stay on track. 
  • A resource list of all my favourite Mindfulness and Spiritual books and podcasts that have changed my life…and will change yours too!
  • BONUS meditations for sleep, anxiety, and to start your day off with positivity and gratitude.

PLUS: Get me!

For this session ONLY I’ll be doing live weekly coaching and Q&A’s for the entire 6 weeks.

I want to give you, the mama who needs Mindfulness, to get as much as you can out of this course…AND I want your input to shape it into the exact course that helps you become the Mindful mom and woman you envision yourself to be.

After this session, the course will be exclusively digital and at a much higher price.

You’ll also get lifetime access, and every single upgrade for FREE.

Learn how to calm your mind…

…and feel like yourself again.

Tina’s voice is so soothing. She makes everyday feel special with her gentle words. Tina makes it easy to look forward to some quiet meditative moments every day!

Kathy Rodger

Nursing Instructor

Tina has a gentle, kind, and encouraging voice that is easy to listen to, and I really enjoy how easy it is to get into relaxation mode!  I am a busy mom, with 2 young kids, and I work full time at my own business… trust me when I say it’s hard to find time some days… but if I can even squeeze in a 5 minute meditation in the a.m. before I have my morning tea; or in the evening right after I brush my teeth and wash my face… it helps me to settle down my mind, and my restless body, and find the calm.  Then right after that I get to be grateful that I took even a couple minutes just for me, without the guilt of thinking my family was deprived of my time.



In the craziness of life, Tina’s meditations help me feel calmness and allow me to reconnect with myself and others. I love them so much because they are short and easy to incorporate. 

Katelyn Lee

I love the peace and lightness your meditations bring to my day and relaxation at night!

Nicky Jacobsz


I have fallen in love with meditation. My husband asked “what are you doing in there”. When I told him he said “well keep doing what you are doing because you seem so happy.

Bernice Lee

Tina taught me not to underestimate the power of 10 mins! When I wanted to start a more regular meditation practice it honestly felt daunting, where do I fit in another thing that takes 30-45 mins? But then Tina came along with her soothing voice and powerful meditations, showing me how 10 mins can help shift my mind and body.

Chelsea Rink

Tina’s meditations are like a good friend talking to your soul. Like a good friend you will turn to them often. I know I do.

Judy Charanduk

Warning to your brain: it’s about to feel SO much calmer!

Devour my best Mindfulness secrets to:

Live aligned with your true Self instead of the roles you play

Develop a kinder more compassionate inner voice


Calm a trigger before you react

See the magic in everyday ordinariness to experience more joy


Regulate your nervous system quickly

See your deeper motivations so you can make conscious decisions


Model self-regulation for your kids so that they learn it too


Stop spinning out before you whip yourself into a frenzy

Handle big uncomfortable feelings without a glass of merlot, a bag of Fritos, or a binge of Bridgerton

You’re about to take a key step in ending the spiral of overwhelm…

even if nothing else changes.

“What if my mind never stops?” 

And other FAQ’s

I’ve tried meditation before, and my mind won’t stop. Will this work for me?

One of the things that makes Mindfulness different than other types of meditation is that there are no distractions. The distractions, like a bus mind, just become a part of the meditation. In Mindfulness there is no place to get to, your mind never needs to stop, and you don’t ever have to feel “blissed out” for it to be working. It’s a very forgiving meditation that has tonnes of well documented benefits.

I’ve heard lot’s about Mindfulness, but what is it that makes it better than other meditations anyways?

There are many types of meditation, all with great benefits. What makes Mindfulness special is that everything is included in the meditation: your breath, the sensations in your body, emotions that arise, even your thoughts. You open to everything exactly as it is, and this increases our self-awareness, compassion, tolerance, resilience, lowers stress and anxiety, helps us sleep better, and so many others! The best part is that there is over 30 years of research proving that it is extremely effective in small doses – making it perfect for busy moms who need results fast!

I know meditation would be good for me, but I really struggle with doing anything consistently because I’m so busy.

Phew! Me too! That’s why everything in Mindfulness for Moms is audio and short. The lessons are 30 minute audios that you can listen to and pause while you’re driving to work, or while you’re making dinner. And the audio meditations are only 5 or 10 minutes which is short enough to fit into your daily life while still giving you all the benefits of your practice.

Do I have to do it every week? Why can’t I do all the lessons at once?

Like anything, the benefits of Mindfulness come from regular practice. This course is designed for you to take one week at a time to meditate daily before starting the next lesson. This gives you time to soak up each week’s meditation allowing it to soak in before layering more information onto it. It’s kind of like if you were putting together a puzzle with no edge pieces. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s way harder. We all need a framework to build upon to be successful. 

Okay, okay, what’s all the hype about Mindfulness Meditation anyways? What benefits will I see?

I’m so glad you asked! These are just some of the benefits cited by the American Psychological Association: reduced rumination, stress reduction, boosts working memory, increased focus, less emotional reactivity, cognitive flexibility, increased resilience by becoming more adaptive to negative or stressful situations and faster recovery, improved relationship satisfaction by increased ability to respond well to relational stress and skill in communicating emotions, protects against emotionally stressful effects of conflict, enhances self-awareness, morality, intuition, fear modulation, increased immune function, reduction in psychological stress, increased information processing speed, decrease in task effort, decrease in thoughts unrelated to task at hand, empathy, compassion, decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression, and better quality of life by increasing emotional intelligence and social connectedness. Not bad for 5 minutes a day, hey?

There’s a lot of Mindfulness courses out there, why should I do Mindfulness for Moms?

You’re totally right, there are tonnes of them because it’s a really effective skill to learn. However, this is the only Mindfulness course designed for busy moms and that is taught by me. All the modules consider what is most relevant to us as women, and as parents. Even the examples are infused with stories about how to use Mindfulness in parenting and in our lives.

I also bring a lot of my own story to this course. I had PPD, PPA, panic attacks and PTSD (I’ve had a lot of P’s!), and Mindfulness been the most helpful tool in helping me manage what I was going through, but also to help me get on the other side.

I’m not a mom, but I want to learn Mindfulness. Can I still do this course?

Of course! The language in this course is tailored to moms and some of the struggles we face, however those are generally universal. Kids aren’t the only relationships that trigger us. 😉

 Learn from someone who’s been meditating for almost 20 years, is a mom, and has made it to the other side of PPA, PPD, and panic attacks all through the magic of Mindfulness.

Hi, I’m Tina Hnatiuk – creator of Mindfulness For Moms

I’m also the founder of The Soul Strategy Sessions, The Fearless Course, and Quick Bliss Yoga, and – brag alert – source of the best meditations around. How do I know? People tell me so!

My meditations have over 30k downloads and a 97% approval rating on Insight Timer (the largest free meditation app in the world).

My Mindfulness Meditations have been my secret to conscious parenting, self-regulation when I’m feeling anxious, and becoming more patient, present, calm so I can be an amazing mom, wife, and human.

Even when I have a million things on my plate, a crazy schedule, and no time. 

Not to mention, it will be for you too. You’ll see. 

Be a Mindful Mom!

Learn to calm your mind…

…and feel like yourself again.

This shizz really works!