Boundaries & Codependency For Moms

This course is for the cycle-breaker mamas who are sick of feeling burnt out and exhausted, angry and resentful, and refuse to let their kids inherit the legacy of codependency, self-neglect, and lack of boundaries so many of us did growing up.

You’ll get instant access to:

– Lifetime access to an hour-long training that covers:

  • What are boundaries, and their types
  • How to self-asses your boundaries
  • Common boundary mistakes
  • How to set boundaries (with scripts)
  • Codependency explained and how it relates to boundaries
  • Preventing Codependency with our kids

– All the training notes so you don’t have to furiously write all you’re a-ha’s and epiphany’s down as you’re learning.

– Journal prompts to self-assess your boundaries, work through boundary scripts, how to say no without apologizing scripts, prompts with actions to heal codependency, how to heal the Inner Child Work (critical for healing codependency)

– A powerful and effective visualization to set boundaries with ease

– Meditation to heal the Inner Child and codependency