Mindfulness For Kids

Learn the best easy tools to cultivate Mindfulness, teach emotional regulation skills, and increase focus in your kids at the home or in classroom.

What you get:

  • A 2.5 hour recorded masterclass with a workbook to DO the exercises in real time and experience how they work.
  • A workbook with worksheets to take notes and refer to after the masterclass to use with your family.
  • Lifetime access to the entire masterclass to review and watch as many times as you like.

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly IS Mindfulness, how to do it, and why it works so you can teach your kids with confidence.
  • The latest research on emotions, feelings, and states and how they relate to Mindfulness and self-regulation so that you can expertly guide your kids through big emotions.
  • The importance of self-regulation and what happens during a stress response so that you have a greater understanding what’s happening in the child and how to support them when their stress response is activated.
  • The simple framework of Mindfulness I’ve developed for kids based on the pillars of to be Seen, Heard, and Understood so that it’s easy to implement.
  • Learn the exact types of language that fosters growth mindset, resilience and relieves anxiety.
  • 7 different Mindfulness activities for kids of all ages (and even YOU!) so that you can pick and choose the activities that best suit your child.
  • The importance of self-compassion to build resilience and the latest research on the best ways to promote it.
  • 12 discussion questions for any age to teach Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness so that your child can learn how to support themselves.
  • 13 different types of breathing techniques with their specific benefits and divided by age groups so that you have a toolbox to draw from.
  • 4 Different research-based relaxation techniques to help your child cope with stress, anxiety and worry (they are also amazing for sleep!).
  • The best ways to bring these tools into your home to get the biggest benefit in the easiest ways.