Soul Strategy 2.0

A 6-Month Mentoring Party with Tina Hnatiuk

Live with clarity, courage and confidence, and experience breakthroughs where you’ve been stuck forever. 

This is for you if…

  • Often feel resentful, apathetic, and dull because you are burnt out caring for others.
  • Don’t know who you are anymore, what you like, or what you want.
  • Lack meaning and purpose outside of the roles you play for your work or loved ones.
  • Crave deep connection and authentic conversations with loving women like you.
  • Are a cycle-breaker who is inspired to do the work on herself, so her kids won’t have to.
  • Are ready and excited to uncover who you really are and the life you most want to have.
  • Love nerding out on human behavior, personal development, and how to live your life better.

What’s included

Soul Strategy 2.0

One-Time Payment of


Soul Strategy 2.0 Monthly:


2 Calls Per Month

(Starting at 5:30 pm PST on the 1st & 3rd  Tuesday of each month).Up to 120 minutes per call (usually around 90 mins).

 Each call includes:

Teaching Sesh + Q&A

Each month focuses on a topic to gain Clarity, Courage, and Confidence which includes:

  • Designing a life where you live more freely, authentically, and with greater meaning and purpose than only the roles that you have for others.
  • Figuring out your wants and needs, how to set clear yet loving boundaries to get them, and connecting you back to the most true, deepest part of your Self.
  • Learning how to cycle-break old patterns and beliefs, model values important to you, and become the architect of your life instead of the caretaker of everyone else’s.

A Hot-Seat

That means me helping you wherever you need help:

Your routines, setting boundaries, building confidence, designing your life, deepening your relationships, finding your authentic voice, living with purpose, coping with stress, or anything else I’m qualified to talk about, including workarounds for not wanting to get off the couch and getting better at life.

Insider “Wild Card” Wisdom

You’ll get exclusive insights and lessons created just for this group. Like what, you ask? Well, that would ruin the surprise. But let’s just say, they’ll be of the “How have I lived this long without knowing it before?” variety.

The Soul Strategy 2.0 Facebook Group

So you can connect with your fellow Soul Strategizers and stay on top of announcements. Sometimes, it’s easier to remember and keep engaged in something when it pops up on FB. The Soul Strategy community is so powerful and supportive (I will be in there regularly to answer any questions), it actually redeems being on Facebook. #worthit 

But Wait! You also get…

The Soul Strategy Sheets: your prompts and missions for the month

Each month, you’ll get all the thought-starters, journal prompts, and info you need to dive deep into the month’s topics.

Do you have to journal? Not at all. It’s what I recommend, but you can also meditate on them, take them for a walk with you to consider them, or jot ideas down from them. However you want to actively use them somehow to work on mindset and behaviors that have held you back.

I’m going to motivate and inspire your sweet cheeks into the ZONE, baby. Imagine not only having the knowledge and skills to make big changes, but also having tonnes of enthusiastic support, encouragement, and real conversations with a community of amazing women just like you. You will be unstoppable.

Bonus FB Sessions

If you have questions, put them in the Facebook group and I’ll answer them with Live videos so you can watch them as many times as you like. When other Soul Strategizers ask questions, you’ll get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Win win!

1 of 4 One-On-One Coaching

There are 4 spots available at a special price for Soul Strategizers to use during our 6 months together. You will get one-one-one attention for whatever you’re working through, strategies to get through it, and tonnes of support to make it happen.