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Learn the exact behaviours that keep you stuck in self-abandonment, people pleasing and resentment…and how to ensure you never pass it on to your kids.

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This masterclass is for the cycle-breaker mamas who are sick of feeling burnt out and exhausted, angry and resentful, and refuse to let their kids inherit the legacy of codependency, self-neglect, and lack of boundaries so many of us did growing up.

The “Boundary Setting and Codependency Explained for Moms” workshop has impacted me beyond words.

As I listened to Tina discuss the harms of codependency and the importance of setting boundaries, I could feel the ever-present weight on my shoulders with a new awareness. Setting boundaries is grossly uncomfortable for me and it goes against anything I’ve ever done. It’s with this awareness, and my goal to be true to my authentic self, that I am inspired to respect my right for boundaries and live a life where my actions are not spent on worry and fear of being disliked but are spent on being true to myself. Tina’s taught me so much in such a short time and my life is wholeheartedly better because of her!

– Allison Tetlow, mom of 3 girls