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Become the woman you’ve always wanted to be: Clear on your purpose, confident in yourself, and the courage to live authentically aligned with your soul.

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and on your journey to become something lost your spark, and with it your joy?

You can have a life you love right now without overwhelm, exhaustion, or working harder to get it.

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions of life and not really living it?

Do you feel like you’ve worked so hard to do all the right things but still feel unfulfilled and maybe even ripped off?

Do you feel like you don’t spend enough time on your health, relationships, and the things that make you truly happy?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your To-Do list before you even get out of bed in the morning?

Do you yearn to live more authentically and more aligned with who you are and what’s important to you?

Do you fantasize about the day when you’ll have time to travel, take better care of your health, and self care?

Are you held back by perfectionism, judgmental thoughts, and secretly worried that you’re on the wrong path?

If I’m reading your mind, it’s because I know these feelings all too well. When I shifted my focus to a combination of soul and strategy, I became the confident woman I’ve always wanted to be, clear on my purpose, and the courage to live authentically and aligned with my values.

“Tina’s 6 week Soul Strategy Course has given my life a sense of authentic direction. Where I was previously trying to run from a stagnant life, I am now running into a life of true meaning!”

Christina LaurierGIS Product Specialist

“Here’s your opportunity to put yourself in the driver’s seat. Tina is a personable, approachable, open, realistic, spit fire who does a great job of making you think differently, face your fears and that inner b*tch head on, always leaving you with a positive direction.”

Allison PollockChange Management Advisor

I’ve learned how to be the creator of my life, live aligned with my heart, and become the happiest person I know. And for the past 10 years I’ve been teaching women like you how to do the same.

I believe all of us are born to make a positive contribution. When we live in alignment with our hearts, we are our most powerful and best selves, capable of changing the world with our gifts and our voices.

We need to become the ones we’ve been waiting for and it starts with doing the deep work of looking into our own hearts and minds. We need to relearn how to listen to the whispers of our hearts and reprogram the voices that tell us we’re not enough.

The Soul Strategy Sessions transforms you from overwhelmed, spread out, and exhausted to clear, confident, and courageous in only 8 weeks.

How I got here…

I had a life changing moment at 17 where I was frantically flushing antidepressants and lithium down the toilet of my rented apartment. I had moved out while still in high school, because like so many of us, my home life wasn’t so shit hot. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was unable to work and go to school, so I eventually dropped out.

I had this realization that my life was going down a scary path, and fast, but most importantly: something deep inside me knew that no one could save me but me. So, I decided that I better save myself, and it was going to start by flushing some pills.

This moment was the catalyst of awakening that led me to crave a meaningful life. I wanted to have a career which filled me up, believing it would be the holy grail of my happiness. I went back to school five times before finding my passion and when I did, I loved it so much that I devoted my life and most of my waking hours to my work of making other peoples lives better.

I was ambitious and determined with a mile-long To-Do list to make shit happen. My days started spinning faster, so I started cramming more and more into my days to try to keep up. I ran around trying to stay on top of things and never felt I was accomplishing anything. Today’s unfinished list got piled up onto tomorrow’s already overflowing list.

I worked my ass off while tossing my own needs and desires to the sideline for another time when I “get over this hump” or I hit the next milestone. In the meantime, I was exhausted and neglecting everything else I valued: my relationships, self-care, and my own daily wants and needs.

I would get to me later, I told myself.

Truthfully, I had become a workaholic, a sticky trap I had fallen into many times before in multiple careers. I was treading water to barely keep my head above it, and I felt so close to drowning. I had never ending To-Do lists, worked ridiculous hours, and was juggling too many tasks to do anything well. On the outside, I looked happy and confident, but on the inside, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and overworked.  Not only that, as busy as I was, I felt isolated and alone.

I wanted to live aligned with my heart and make a difference for others, but I was:

    • Totally overwhelmed with my schedule.
    • Embarrassed that I wasn’t taking great care of myself.
    • Depressed that I was losing joy and inspiration for my work.
    • Feeling stuck, stressed, and spread out.
    • Often feeling like I was playing a role, rather than showing up authentically.
    • Procrastinating on the things I knew would make a difference and often felt stuck and paralysed.
    • Doing what was “right” instead of what was right for me (and not even knowing what that was!).
    • Confused and unfocused on my purpose.
    • Underconfident in almost every area of my life.
    • Craving authentic connection that wasn’t just about me giving, but also receiving.

To avoid how I was feeling, I worked harder, and the harder I worked, the more depleted I felt. I used food and shopping to make me feel better, after all, I deserved some joy, right?  Although I loved my work so much, I was starting to feel like I was missing out on the meaning of life. I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and I felt like a fraud.

One day came across the poem Dare to be you by Maya Angelou, and it read You have the capability, the probability, the possibility, and even the responsibility…to be light. Because that is who you really are. Dare to be you. Dare to be you. Those words struck a chord deep in my heart.

When we shine our light, we give others permission to do the same and that simple act will change the world. But by neglecting my own light, I was ripping off the very people I was trying to serve. How could I lead from a place of emptiness? How could anyone?

This is what I did…

  • Stop putting off my own happiness and silence “someday thinking.”
  • Start listening inwards for the answers instead of what I thought people expected from me.
  • Gain clarity on what I really wanted my life to look and feel like.
  • Start investing in myself to rekindle my light.
  • Do the work to become clear on my values and start courageously living aligned with them.
  • Consciously create my life instead of just putting out the next fire.
  • Surround myself with women who lift me up and are on the same path.
  • Know that my circumstances won’t change until I change my circumstances.

The result is the happy, confident, woman I am today, and the inspiration of the Soul Strategy Sessions.

“Tina f%#king rocks. Everyone thinks so.

She will get you fired up about your life and get you moving on a path of greater awareness, acceptance, and beauty. The world needs more Tina.”

Michelle L. McNicholRegistered Nurse

“Tina tells it like it is, but more importantly, she helps you figure out what “it” is for yourself. What is it that is giving you strength? What is it that is holding you back? What is it that you need to do today to be happy and peaceful, to live with ease and well-being? If you yearn for the answers, Tina is the life coach for you. Whether it be one-on-one, in a group, or through her blog or online courses, find Tina and you’ll find yourself. “

Faye Dokken-BouchardPlant Pathologist, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

In a world that thrives on us being overwhelmed, exhausted, and spread out, the Soul Strategy Sessions gives you the tools to come back to yourself, your mission, and what’s most important to you while feeling like you’re hanging out with your best friends.

True leadership requires us to know who we are, what we stand for, and live authentically to make the impact we were born to make and live a life we deserve to live.

For too long we have been taught how to be successful but not how to be happy. The truth is that all our answers are within, and the new women’s leadership requires this to be where we start from.

We’re not taught how to tend to our own individual bright light, we are taught how to take care of others. We’re not taught how to follow passion, we’re taught how to follow rules.

We’ve been taught how to climb corporate ladders, but we missed the class on our real purpose, who we truly are at our core, and how to make the most out of this short life.

It starts with each one of us, standing together in sisterhood, solidarity, and support. We rise together and it who we are to pull each other up along the way.

“Tina’s Soul Strategy Sessions” have brought light back into my life. Starting the 8 weeks I was going through a really challenging and dark time in my life. I was feeling alone and that I was losing who I was as a person.

Tina and my ‘Soul Strategy Sisters’ have been there for me and helped support, challenge, and make me accountable for positive changes. Tina’s unique approach to coaching has pushed me to find clarity, strength, and happiness in my life again. 

I am eternally grateful for Tina and this wonderful group of women I have met. I have learnt so many skills and life lessons that will continue to push me to become the women I want to be.

Tina- thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. You have definitely been a gift in my life.”

Danielle Ash

“I started Tina’s Soul Strategy Session with little understanding of exactly what I wanted to get out of the sessions.  I am always on the path of self-discovery and decided to try something new, what could it hurt!  Tina provided me with the much needed help to find ways to reduce the stress in my life, let go of things that really are no longer important and drive clarity to my goals and plans.  After 8 weeks, I left a much happier and confident person with a greater sense of clarity with my future vision.  Alongside some great easy to use tricks to get through some of those tough long days.   I continue to use a lot of what I have learned and have had a lot of comments from co-workers and friends and family that noticed my transition. “

Tami MitchellAccess Communications

“I knew I was looking for Tina long before I ever met her!  I had so many goals I wanted to reach and way too many things I needed to do to reach them that I was spinning my wheels, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and as disorganized as one can get.  I went looking for help and worked with many other professionals and only got more ‘busy’, until I just couldn’t ‘do it all’ anymore, personally, professionally, and in every aspect of my life.  I became completely exhausted and had to stop doing the things I needed to reach my goals.  Then I met Tina!  And the lights went on, my prayers had been answered.  She offered the guidance I had been asking for years.  She knew how to help me dig down into the mud and pull out the gems that were hiding there.  And instantly things began turning around for me.  Direction, calm, insight, and the achievement of goals I had begun to think was going to be impossible.  I have achieved more in these past few months than I could have imagined before Tina, and achieved them with peace and calm.  I am now on the road to a whole new life – the one I want! “

Daphne MurphyBreast Cancer Survivor

This course is about self discovery, re-alignment with your values, and a holistic goal setting system so you can feel truly happy and live a life that’s inspired and fulfilling.

Using positive psychology, neuroscience, and eastern wisdom each week we will dive deep into an area of your life so you can skyrocket your confidence, live with greater meaning and purpose, and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

What’s makes this course different, isn’t just the transformative content, but the way it’s delivered: All the classes are recorded live with real interactions, conversations, and realizations.

Hey, online courses are great, I’ve taken a bunch of them myself, but what I craved was human connection. So, the Soul Strategy Sessions were born in my living room with small groups of women having real conversations about real challenges and keeping each other accountable.

I’ve been asked for years to bring the Soul Strategy Sessions online so more women could benefit from these classes and I’m so excited to be offering it in this new format. An essential piece of the of the classes is the connection and relationships that we build together. So rather than watching videos or audios, all the classes will be held live via video conferencing in real time in a conversational format. Your contribution is not only appreciated and encouraged, but what makes the classes so dynamic and special.

Week 1 - Clarity

      • Create an inspiring yet grounded vision to create clarity around the future you’re designing.
      • Learn how to create your Soul Map, my special way of designing goals based around what’s most important to you.
      • Reveal your core values and learn how to use them to reveal your true calling.
      • Learn why goal setting isn’t enough, and a way simpler way to get the results you crave without the struggle.
      • Learn a simple Metta Meditation that has huge rewards and get support in creating a regular meditation practice.
      • Set your inspiring intention and create your plan for the next 8 weeks.

Week 2 - Motivation

  • Reveal your “why,” the most important question of your life. 
  • Access your Inner Mentor and learn how to use her as your inner resource.
  • Learn the true meaning of life and how to live it every single day. 
  • Learn how your mind really works and how to get the most out of it. 
  • Design a detailed future that excites and lights you up. 

Week 3 - Confidence

    • Understand why confidence is such a struggle and simple ways to raise yours.
    • Expose your confidence killers and how they are impacting your life, and how to fix them.
    • Learn strategies to stop perfectionism in it’s tracks.
    • Reveal your personal brand of confidence without feeling like you’re arrogant.
    • How to live as your most authentic self.

Week 4 - Beliefs

    • Learn the anatomy of how the stories you tell yourself create your reality and how to become the empowered author and architect of your life.
    • Understand how the 3 major milestones of your life have shaped you and the way you live to gain control and power over your destiny.
    • Uncover the true essence of who you are at your core rather than the roles you play.
    • Reveal the subtle stories that have held you back and how to gain control over them.
    • Rewrite limiting beliefs to become the creator of your empowered future.

Week 5 - Energize

    • Learn the different directions of energy to feel more in control and less depleted.
    • Learn my simple way to build healthy boundaries without feeling like a bitch.
    • Become a master at the Enlightened No so you stop feeling spread out.
    • Master the best time and organization hacks to become more productive and feel more accomplished.

Week 6 - Grace

    • Design a powerful energizing mantra for your life.
    • Uncover the truth of you really are and how you can be happy every day.
    • Learn how to listen to your heart and your intuition and the difference between the two.
    • How to allow flow to accomplish more, instead of trying doing more.

Week 7 - Resistance

    • Get to know your Inner Mean Girl and how to not let her have a say.
    • Get the tools to deal with fear and anxiety so they don’t have a say.
    • Learn the psychology of anxiety and fear so you can deal with it effectively.
    • Understand the stories that influence anxiety and how to shift them to ones that inspire you.

Week 8 - Spirituality

    • Join us in a ritual to see your limitless self worth and set yourself free.
    • Create a powerful vision of who you are as a leader and how to be a changemaker in your community.
    • Share your knowledge with your future self.
    • Create your soulful plan to move forward into your bright future.

Guest Mentor Training’s…

Women are steering the course of change in our family finances.  We are earning more, becoming more educated and demanding more control and power in our life.  We are choosing the responsibility of our family money and embracing the journey.  Learn how to tap into your own money power and lead with your heart.

Zena AmudsenZena is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She is the founder of Women Wine & Wealth, Regina, and of the financial planning firm, Astra Financial Services located in Regina, Saskatchewan. Watch for her first book, The Heart of Your Money, to be released April 12th.

We hear it so often we hardly pay attention to it anymore, if we ever did at all; “Stress is a Killer”. In a world that increasingly expects us to do the work of 10, while also finding time to prioritize health and happiness  – it’s no wonder why burnout and discontent are now the norm. Digestion, immunity, energy, cognitive function, mood, sleep habits, cravings, weight gain and hormone balance, no system goes unscathed by stress. So the next time we hear the words “Stress is a Killer”, we should see it for exactly that and ask ourselves if we really need to endure the effects of stress or if we can do something to help ourselves ‘ride the wave’ in a world that shows no signs of slowing down.

Luckily, the answer is a resounding YES! Learn how simple strategies like establishing routine, making simple modifications to diet, and using nutraceuticals and botanicals can help nourish our bodies and allow us to meet the competing demands of our big lives with newfound vitality.

Marika GeisMarika Geis is a licensed doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in the provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan. She was graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in May of 2006. Marika currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan with her husband and two children.

“Intention is powerful but ACTION is life changing. Tina’s enthusiasm for life, for coaching and for everyone she meets is an inspiration. Soul Strategies has facilitated so much motivation and direction in my life. Big dreams… HUGE DREAMS, that some of us were too scared to admit even to ourselves before this process are now coming true. These sessions have taken me to a place of no limits. I will carry this with me wherever I go.”

Tara RossouwYoga Teacher

“I am absolutely loving Tina’s Soul Strategy sessions and would recommend them to anyone who wants to live their best possible life.  It is so inspiring to meet and share with a group of like-minded women, we have become “Soul Sisters”.  I have learned the importance about being more accountable and showing up powerful. She has provided us with skills to keep us motivated as we progress toward our dreams.  There have been so many a-ha moments in this class for me, a couple of them are: ‘your genius lies where your skills and passion meet’, it just feels so good and so right to move toward my life’s passion; ‘realizing my fear of acceptance’, letting go of this fear or even just realizing it is so refreshing; ‘Letting go of control’, this was definitely the hugest breakthrough for me, there are so many things in our lives that we try to control and it is so freeing to really “let go” and just be the best me that I can be.  My wish would be to continue these type of sessions once a week for the rest of my life.”

Allison GartnerJournals Clerk

“I thought I was on the right path, I thought I was making the right decisions, and I thought things were going great. Then I was invited to an evening with Tina, and one night with her made me question some of the things going on in my life! She gave me a new perspective, a new outlook on what I was doing, and I felt I needed to know more. So I signed up for her soul strategy sessions as soon as I could.

I have met an incredible group of women who support one another, and we are making each other accountable for obtaining the goals we are setting out to reach.  Tina has helped me see what it is I want in the next 3-5 years, and now I am building the path to get there. I was feeling stuck, wondering what’s next, and how to get there. The Soul Strategy Sessions have helped clear my mind of the negative blockages that were holding me back, and I am now able to enjoy this journey. If you are looking for some fresh ideas to get motivated this is the session for you. Every time I leave I am feeling inspired and excited about life again.

Tina is an inspiring and honest person with a beautiful soul. Thank you for everything.”

Krista CullingCorporate Sales - The Wireless Age, Owner/Teacher - Mind Body Soul Yoga

Here’s how to know if this course is right for you…

You’re sick of feeling like a fraud and want to feel more freedom in your life.

You know that your current way of living is out of alignment with who you truly are and the life you dream of.

You are tired of feeling underconfident and overwhelmed.

You know being spread out and exhausted is not sustainable or how you want to live your life.

You are ready to become your happiest self.

You are sick of second guessing yourself, feeling stuck, and letting fear run your life.

You love the idea of getting together with other open minded ambitious women on a mission and supporting each other without judgment or comparison, and rising together.

Things look good on the outside, but you want your inside to feel amazing too.

You feel disconnected from what truly feeds you and who you truly are.

You are ready to learn about and move through the internal blocks that are holding you back from living the life you want.

Recap of what’s included…

        • Weekly live connection – 8 chapters of course work, live classes every Wednesday evening at 7pm CST, complete with live recordings for you to review at your leisure.
        • Meditation- Metta Meditation training along with audios to support you.
        • Sisterhood – A supportive group of women to cheerlead, support, and help you rise.
        • Guest speakers – To support you in your physical and financial health.

“Soul strategies for me was about the building of a safe and supportive community of woman so we could explore the issues that hold us back from being the successful and the confident women we can be. Because of this community, I was able to face my fears, challenge my limited thinking as well as my behaviors that do not help me attain my goals in life. I have found my inner power through the encouragement and compassion from Tina and the wonderful women that I journeyed with during this session. When we find our inner power we truly ROCK as women.”

Suzanne HehnSocial Worker

“Tina has challenged me and some long held beliefs. I feel calmer now, able to put things in perspective according to my values and my purpose. Everyone in my life will benefit from me having taken part in this.”

Kendra Thompson Human Resource Manager

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working more to try and get ahead, telling yourself that stress is normal, and this is life. But is it? Is this how you want to spend your life spinning your wheels in a shit storm of overwhelm hoping for a break? It’s time to refocus.

It would be such a privilege to get to know you and support you in becoming the clear, confident, and courageous woman you are meant to be so you can live the ease and flow that you deserve. The work will go deep, but you will feel more inspired than ever. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I love hearing from you and would be thrilled to connect!

Love and Light,