Today started as one of “those” days.

You know the ones where emotions are a little too close to the surface and you might cry to random commercials that have nothing to do with anything because everything feels like too much?

Yeah, one of those.

And maybe you’re having one of those days too. So, I thought I’d share something that brings me comfort when things feel hard, and hopeless, and exhausting.

It’s about Hanuman.

Hanuman is the Hindu monkey god. He was a little shit disturber who was always getting into mischief, because…hello! He’s a monkey, and that’s what they do.

But, he’s also a monkey with super powers and that was causing some problems.

To fix this, the gods gave him a curse. Hanuman never knew his own strength until someone reminded him of it.

And so it is with us as well.

Here’s your reminder.

You can do hard things.

You have made it through every impossible hard situation in your life so far. You have an incredible track record of 100%. You have made it. Every. Single. Time.

You, yes you, are the product of all the best DNA from the generations that have come before you. Everything they have gone through was to get you here to this point. You were literally BUILT for this.

The reason human beings are still here at ALL is because of our powerful adaptability. We don’t have sharp teeth or claws to protect us. We don’t even have fur for heavens sakes! But we have incredible resilience and the powerful ability to adapt to any situation.

This is you. This is us.

Sending you love, and hope, and hugs wherever you are. We got this.