The Ultimate

Meal Plan System 

A Masterclass With Tina Hnatiuk

A 45 minute masterclass to  learn my easy system, that will have your whole week planned (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners for the ENTIRE week) plus your grocery list written in 30 minutes or less. 

If you struggle with meal ideas, keeping recipes organized, meal planning, and being organized enough to make it happen, I got you covered. 

This is for you if…

  • Constantly stress about figuring out what’s for dinner.
  • Grab take out on the way home because you don’t know what to make more often than you want to admit.
  • Have multiple trips to the grocery store midweek wasting your time and adding extra stress.
  • Scramble at supper to throw something, ANYTHING together to get everyone fed.
  • Have recipes you and your family like but can’t seem to keep track of them in a useful way.
  • Most of all, want to feel organized, confident, and even excited about feeding your family healthy meals that they love. 

What’s included

One-Time Payment of



Masterclass includes a 45 minute recording + Q&A

Teaching Sesh

  • Create a grocery list system so that you have exactly what you need and never run out of essentials.
  • Curate and keep track of your recipes so that you always have an easy reference of a wide variety of your favourites without having to keep track of a million websites, papers, or cookbooks.
  • Map out your week of meals and always have what you need on hand so that you aren’t running to the grocery store every few days and wasting your precious time.
  • Prep meals for the week ahead without wasting a whole day doing it.
  • Choose meals for the week so that you don’t have to buy more than you need and have food waste because you couldn’t get through the fresh stuff.
  • Plan how many meals to make, what’s going to be eaten as leftovers or for lunches and make sure you have exactly enough.
  • Learn a flexible system that works for any dietary so that it’s easy to always have healthy food on hand.
  • Prep for week (breakfast, lunches, dinners, AND snacks), write out your grocery list and feel like a BOSS in 30 minutes or less.


Recorded Q&A where I answer your most burning questions. Once you watch the masterclass reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have specific to your family’s needs. 

    Tips & Tools

    Learn the best tips to manage your grocery list, keep track of recipes, and the exact tools I use to run my meal planning system. 

    But Wait! You also get…

    A Massive Recipe Index

    For years I have been collecting a huge index of healthy plant based (mostly DF, and GF) recipes that not only my 6 year old loves, but also my meat-atarian husband. Because I like you, I’m going to share it with you too.

    Links to My Go-To Apps

    Apps are where its at baby, and I’m going to share with you the ones that make my life easier and better that you will love too!

    Live Replay

    Life is busy and it can be hard to make it live, so the masterclass will be recorded so that you can review it later at your own time.

    Who Am I?

    Hi, I’m Tina Hnatiuk – creator of this Ultimate Meal Prep Masterclass

    I’m also the founder of The Soul Strategy Sessions, Mindfulness for Moms, The Fearless Course, and Quick Bliss Yoga, and – brag alert – source of the best meals around. How do I know? People tell me!

    They LOVE my cooking even when it’s plant based, gluten free, and dairy free, everyone raves about my cooking and baking. 

    Being organized with simple systems makes it easy to love cooking for my friends and family and have the motivation to constantly try out new recipes that they will love. 

    Even when I have a million things on my plate, a crazy schedule, and no time.

    Not to mention, it will be for you too. You’ll see.

    If you're sick of scrambling at meal time, I got you.

    30 minutes a week is all it takes to plan out an entire weeks worth of meals, write your grocery list, and get excited about meal time again.