You build websites too?

If you are overwhelmed by building your first website, or you’ve got website shame on your current one…don’t worry, I’ve got you. 


Hi, I’m Tina.

I help overwhelmed solopreneurs build their dreams through: money making websites that convert, beautiful easy to use membership sites, and digital courses that become like atms.

I Get It, Because I’ve Been There

When you start a digital business, it’s like information overload. Everything feels urgent and critical, making it impossible to know where to focus your attention.

The learning curve for learning email automation, funnels, lead magnets, and everything else can feel overwhelming.

On top of that, everything seems to cost a lot of money to learn how to do yourself, and even more to pay someone else to do it for you.

As a seasoned digital professional, B-School and SOL alumni, PLUS the multiple copywriting courses I’ve taken, I can help.

Working with me not only means you get a beautiful site that your proud of (and most importantly converts!), but you’ll also get access to me and all my years of experience for a fraction of the cost of going to a marketing firm.

Here’s a few samples of my most recent work:




I updated Relaxed Labor’s website with fresh images, branding colours, and clearer copy to create a beautiful website that works. 

Tina Hnatiuk


Memberpress Courses and Membership Sites

(It’s so good and easy to use that its what I use for my own courses and membership site Quick Bliss Yoga)

New Body Project

Mindfulness For Moms

Elderberry Entrepreneur

The Academy

Quick Bliss Yoga

Clarity, Compassion, and Creativity

Funnels and Sales Pages

Relaxed Labor Thank You Page


Relaxed Labor Funnel Page


Mindfulness For Moms Sales Page


Quick Bliss Yoga Sales Page


The Gut Academy Sales Page


How Does This Work?

The first thing we’ll do is book a Zoom, so you can tell me exactly what you need so I know how I can help you best.

We’ll go over what you have so far, what you need help with, if you have colours and fonts (we can work on this together too!), the websites you like and how you want your new website, course, or membership to feel and operate.

Then, if we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll set up a Trello Board for you to add all the relevant login details, your copy, images, content, branding color, fonts, you name it. It all goes in here. This is also where we will do most of our communicating so you can see what I’m doing, and we can both ask and answer questions without having to go back through a million emails.

I believe in good communication, so you will hear from me regularly, and nothing gets missed.

I also want to empower you as the owner of your site, to make any changes on your own, so anything you need to learn to maintain your site, I will make you teaching videos for to refer back to.

Once it’s all complete, you will want to give me a giant hug and tell everyone you know about how awesome it was to work with me…everyone does!


I know, you’re probably thinking, “Great, so what does it actually cost to hire a seasoned digital marketer, and copy writer who does webdesign?

Well, I think you’ll be happily surprised at how little it will cost you and how easy and fun this whole process can be.

Website design – Starting at $1000 USD

Memberships and Courses – Starting at $300 USD

Sales Pages and Funnels – Starting at $250 USD

**This also includes branding help and cleaning up your copy which can cost thousands to outsource.**

If you have smaller projects that don’t quite fit into here, I also have an hourly rate of $40 USD and am very fast.

*Do you have a No Hassle Website, Funnel, or Membership Platform? Ask me about your special rate!

Ready to Get Started?

Yay! Me too!

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