Become the woman you most want to be.

Everything I offer is designed to help you be the clear, calm, and confident woman and mom you are meant to be. 

Quite simply, I help you feel like yourself again…but better.

Let’s go a step further: I help you find the clarity, confidence, and courage to prioritize YOU so that stress overwhelm, and anxiety go POOF like the backcombed bangs of the 80’s.

My roster of private clients include Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, CEO’s, and small business owners.

The one thing my clients all have in common is that they are all WOMEN. Women who are doing it all. Women who overwhelmed Women who are moms. Women who want more out of life than the rinse, struggle, repeat cycle they are in now.

Scroll down for for ways you can get your stress to go POOF without the hairspray.





Love yoga but struggle with fitting it into your busy life? Quick Bliss Yoga is specifically designed for busy and overwhelmed women’s needs in mind. All the videos and audio meditations are 20 minutes or less and heavily focused on Mindfulness, stress relief to support your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.



This training is for the cycle-breaker mamas who are sick of feeling burnt out and exhausted, angry and resentful, and refuse to let their kids inherit the legacy of codependency, self-neglect, and lack of boundaries so many of us did growing up.



Learn the best easy tools to cultivate Mindfulness, teach emotional regulation skills, and increase focus in your kids at the home or in classroom. Packed full of hightly practical, easy to apply tools, and techniques, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to start Mindfulness with your kids and incorporate it into your family’s lives. 

A great lesson I have learned from Tina is “clarity equals power”.

Tina has challenged me to think about what fits in my life, and what does not. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to learn from Tina’s wisdom and have my butt kicked by her ability to hold us accountable to our goals. Tina is a compassionate, intelligent and inspiring leader.

– Kellsey C., M. Ed. Registered Psychologist

Intention is powerful but ACTION is life changing.

Tina’s enthusiasm for life, for coaching and for everyone she meets is an inspiration. Soul Strategies has facilitated so much motivation and direction in my life. Big dreams… HUGE DREAMS, that some of us were too scared to admit even to ourselves before this process are now coming true. These sessions have taken me to a place of no limits. I will carry this with me wherever I go.

Tara Rossouw

Yoga Teacher

I consider it a great privilege to have had the opportunity work with Tina as my life coach.  With Tina’s guidance, acceptance, patience and vast knowledge, I have been able to make so many changes that have improved my quality of life. Tina is extremely insightful and has a unique perspective on life and a very special talent to see the best in people and to help guide them to see it in themselves.  She helped me to plan and prioritize so that I was not merely surviving but instead thriving.  Tina truly is the embodiment of love and light.


Working with Tina as a Life Coach has changed my life and my business. 

She is exceptional at stripping down all the excuses and road blocks that hold me back.  I have worked with Tina for almost a year and during this time I have identified and recognized my core values to grow my business and overlap into my personal life.  I am also learning to not let fear and doubt control me.  

Each coaching session is a new perspective that is filled with confidence and action oriented. (In between sessions I can feel and hear her voice full of love, encouragement and strength!)

Zena Amundsen

Certified Financial Planner, Astra Financial

I  want to be fully engaged and enjoy all that life has to offer. 

Tina’s approach to coaching has allowed me to see my aspirations with much more clarity, have stretched me to dream big and have given me the needed push and tactics to take steps towards my dreams each and every day.  Tina’s unique combination of spiritual wisdom and coaching skills really shine through as she lovingly listens, challenges and encourages us to be our best selves and shares inspirational words and beautiful stories that everyone can relate to.  

Colleen Wruth

Working mom to 3 young girls

Yearly Courses

They open they close. Stay in the loop!


We all know the parent we want to be…but sometimes we don’t know how to get there. Mindfulness For Moms is the short and sweet easy to listen to course that fits into your busy life.  In only 5 minutes a day, you will feel calmer, more present, and able to handle the dirtiest meltdown from your kiddo (or your spouse) while feeling like the calm, confident, happy mom you envisioned yourself to be.


My 6 month sisterhood (or you can call it a group coaching course/mastermind), that teaches you how to live more freely and authentically, cycle-break old patterns and beliefs, model the values that are important to you, and live with greater meaning and purpose by becoming the architect of your life instead of the caretaker of everyone else’s.


This evidenced based course is rooted in Mindfulness, neuroscience and Positive Psychology. It is has a 100% recommendation rating for for reducing anxiety in under 20 minutes a day. It’s kind of a big deal. 

I was unsure of what my direction in life was as a stay at home mom.

Tina helped me see that it’s not the direction that matters, but the person I am on that journey. She helped me to uncover who I truly am at my core and from there, my path became so much more clear. I can’t say enough good things about Tina and the Soul Strategy Sessions.

Sally B

Stay at home mom

Often we don’t give ourselves the time and energy to figure out who we are, what we want, or where/how we want to get them.

What a gift it is to yourself to give the time and energy that Tina allows/invites you to share.

Danielle O’Byrne


Tina tells it like it is, but more importantly, she helps you figure out what “it” is for yourself.

What is it that is giving you strength? What is it that is holding you back? What is it that you need to do today to be happy and peaceful, to live with ease and well-being? If you yearn for the answers, Tina is the life coach for you. Whether it be one-on-one, in a group, or through her blog or online courses, find Tina and you’ll find yourself.

Faye Dokken-Bouchard

Plant Pathologist

If you aren’t prepared to know who you are, what you stand for and how to start living more authentically don’t sign up for the Soul Strategy Sessions.

Tina has a unique gift of bringing out concepts and thoughts right at the time you are ready to receive and action them. It is truly beautiful, watching strangers transform into close, non judgemental confidantes over 6 weeks


Provincial Government

She’s helped me see and claim my worth, my potential, my gifts and my light.

Working with Tina as my coach has helped me clarify what I want, define what is truly important in my life, and focus on action to help me get it. It’s also helped me feel more confident and connected to my intuition, and to manage my fear that was holding me back. 

The best thing about Tina though, besides what a little spitfire she is, is how she loves the heck out of you! I just felt so supported, understood and accepted the whole time we spent together. I’ll forever be grateful to Tina and the investment I made in myself through working with her.

Donna Rehirchuk


Here’s your opportunity to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Tina is a personable, approachable, open, realistic, spit fire who does a great job of making you think differently, face your fears and that inner biatch head on, always leaving you with a positive direction

Allison Pollock

Change Management Advisor

Tina’s Soul Strategy Sessions have brought light back into my life.

I was feeling alone and that I was losing who I was as a person.

Tina and my ‘Soul Strategy Sisters’ have been there for me and helped support, challenge, and make me accountable for positive changes. Tina’s unique approach to coaching has pushed me to find clarity, strength, and happiness in my life again.


Danielle Ash


Tina has a special way of leading the way through the maze of tough questions and answers that often stand in the way of being the best that we can be.  

I appreciate Tina’s inquiring nature, her courage in being able to ask the tough questions in a safe and sensitive way.  


Lynn Armstrong

Sky Magazine

Tina f*cking rocks. Everyone thinks so.

Tina will get you fired up about your life and get you moving on a path of greater awareness, acceptance, and beauty. The world needs more Tina.

Michelle L. McNichol

Registered Nurse

Tina’s 6 week Soul Strategy Course has given my life a sense of authentic direction.

Where I was previously trying to run from a stagnant life, I am now running into a life of true meaning – my meaning!

Christina Laurier

GIS Product Specialist

Tina has challenged me and some long held beliefs.

I feel calmer now, able to put things in perspective according to my values and my purpose. Everyone in my life will benefit from me having taken part in this.

Kendra Thompson

Human Resource Manager

Tina’s Soul Strategy Sessions helped me take action in my life and increase my vision for what I want my life to be.

I have found renewed direction and certainty and have seen some exciting opportunities take shape as I have worked my soul map. Soul Strategy Sessions, for me, have been a great catalyst for change and personal growth. Highly recommend.

Lia Skaar

Because of the Soul Strategy Sessions, I was able to face my fears…

…challenge my limited thinking, as well as my behaviors, that do not help me attain my goals in life.

I have found my inner power through the encouragement and compassion from Tina and the wonderful women that I journeyed with during this session. When we find our inner power we truly ROCK as women.

Suzanne Hehn

Social Worker


Intimate, powerful coaching to get out of the exhausting rinse, repeat cycle that requires a glass (or 3) of wine just to make it to bedtime.


I get it, it makes total sense why you can’t wait to open a bottle of chard, binge on Netflix, or scroll way past what you “know” should be your bedtime.

It’s overwhelming to do and be it all for everyone all the time AND remember how much toilet paper is in the upstairs bathroom or when soccer registration starts.

The combined expectations and mental load of life is exhausting, overwhelming, and because there is just so much, it can feel like you’re failing at everything.

But what if you could create a life you didn’t need to numb yourself from?

What if you didn’t feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode by dinner time?

What if you had the energy to do things that lit you up and gave your life meaning?

As a Life Coach, I work with motivated moms. The moms who are saving scripts to use with their kids from child psychologists, pinning new healthy recipes for their family, and will research the hell out of the best booster seat, who are ready to put some of that energy and commitment into themselves to intentionally create their life from the inside out.

Each woman who works privately with me has a deep longing to reconnect to her Self, know exactly who she is, what’s most important to them, and who they want to be so that they can live aligned from THAT place instead of existing on the periphery of their lives by constantly accommodating everyone else’s needs over their own.

Some of my clients are experts in their careers. Some are entrepreneurs and managers. Others are vice presidents or stay at home moms. Some hold degrees from universities while others have earned their wisdom through life experience.

All of my clients share one thing in common: they are committed to living aligned to their Self. They want a loving compassionate relationship with themselves and those they love, to create boundaries that allow them to live with more freedom and less anxiety, and to be a powerful role model and cycle breaker for their children. They know something needs to change, and that they can’t do it alone.

Coaching Packages

Single Strategy Session

Powerful, Bespoke Coaching

Single strategy sessions are only available for my previous clients. If you have worked with me privately before, or if you have participated in one of my live group programs and want an hour or two with me to: consider a new direction in your routines, develop strategies that align with your evolving values, gain clarity and transform a specific pattern or issue, or something else related to connecting to your Self (it’s all connected) please get in touch with me at

I knew I was looking for Tina long before I ever met her!  I had so many goals I wanted to reach and way too many things I needed to do to reach them that I was spinning my wheels, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and as disorganized as one can get.  I went looking for help and worked with many other professionals and only got more ‘busy’, until I just couldn’t ‘do it all’ anymore, personally, professionally, and in every aspect of my life.  I became completely exhausted and had to stop doing the things I needed to reach my goals.  Then I met Tina!  And the lights went on, my prayers had been answered.  She offered the guidance I had been asking for years.  She knew how to help me dig down into the mud and pull out the gems that were hiding there.  And instantly things began turning around for me.  Direction, calm, insight, and the achievement of goals I had begun to think was going to be impossible.  I have achieved more in these past few months than I could have imagined before Tina, and achieved them with peace and calm.  I am now on the road to a whole new life – the one I want!

Daphne Murphy

Cancer Survivor

I have never in my life felt as inspired , focused, and passionate about life as I do right now after working with Tina this past year. She has helped me to regain clarity about what I truly want and fuel the excitement for my bigger picture goals. She has instilled simple yet necessary tools for me to accomplish my personal and professional goals. Most importantly she has helped me realize what my true vision is and has supported me on my journey of following my heart. Tina has a made a huge difference in my life and I am forever grateful for the ongoing support she has offered me.

Laura Highmoor


Investment: US $500 60 minutes

Canadian clients add 5% GST

Three-month Coaching Immersion

Three months of powerful coaching for personal growth and lifestyle development. 9 sessions (three per month), via phone.

This coaching package is ideal for you if you’re already “successful” yet feeling ripped off now that you got here. You followed the path promised to give you happiness, you got: your education, the partner, the kids, the home, all the THINGS and it still feels like there’s an empty hole where fulfillment was supposed to be.

Perhaps you feel as though you’re drowning in the expectations of others, never having a moment to yourself to just BE.

Perhaps you’ve gotten way off track and although you know healthier habits would help you skip that third Starbucks to function, you can’t seem to make any changes on your own.

Perhaps you’re challenged to set boundaries around your time, energy, and emotions because you’re stuck in patterns of people pleasing or scared to disappoint anyone.

Perhaps your vision for the future has become murky — why are you working so hard? What kind of parent do you want to be? What’s the point of doing it all? Do you love this path that you’re on and the person you’re showing up as?

Together, we will transform the patterns that hold you back and reveal your highest Truth – to create a life you can’t wait to wake up to, and become a woman (and mom) you are proud of.

Coming into this I felt tired, worn down and deflated. I was not optimistic and I felt scattered. Over the course of 3 short months, I felt myself being transformed into the leader I have always wanted to be. You have given me the specific tools to run towards my dreams with hope, confidence and the desire to be the best I can be. I now know exactly what I need to do to live my life with passion, purpose and clarity.

Robyn Cunningham

Owner/Operator at Yoga Loft

When I needed motivation to move forward in my business, Tina was the first person I called.  I accomplished more in the first month of working together than in the past year of trying to figure it out on my own!   Tina’s approach is unique – rather than just telling you what to do, she collaborates with you so that you discover, create and choose your own best solution.  She genuinely cares about her clients and will be one of your greatest supporters.  Her warm personality and infectious laugh will make you feel as if she is right there beside you, cheering you on.

Lorissa Gilmore

Owner, Flow Pilates

Investment: US $3000 (9 x 60 minute sessions)

Canadian clients add %5 GST.

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