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About motherhood, self-maintenance (aka self-care), plus tools to cultivate a calm, connect with your Self, so that you can show up as the mom and woman you most want to be.

Easy self-love practice

Every night after stories I lay in bed with my son under the light of his owl nightlight and stroke his hair as we chat. We talk about nothing, his day, problems he's having, or anything he wants to talk about. My husband often calls this time, “honest time” because...

Hey, Magnus’s turned away from me at bedtime when I felt his body shudder with sobs. “You’re sad, aren’t you luv?” I say to him. He turned to face me, his face crumpling as his eyes welled up. “Yes, I miss Colby so much,” he says through sobs. Yesterday we experienced...

How to create refuge within

“Feet,” Sarah said, “I think feet are the most beautiful part of the body.” I gaped at her. Feet? Dirty stinky feet? My 7 year old mind could not grasp this as I stared bewildered at my best friend Bissy’s older sister. Sarah was 12, and already kind of quirky and...

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